Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Admin Interest

Let’s discuss Intune Vs SCCM Job openings and the admin’s interest. We have seen a new job opening in July 2022, showing that the Intune job market is in full demand. There are SCCM job openings as well.

Intune Jobs in the US, UK, and Europe are growing fast. We see different trends on LinkedIn Jobs; this is because of LinkedIn job search limitations. More detailed examples are given in the below section.

What are the thoughts from IT Pros on Intune Vs. SCCM jobs? We conducted a LinkedIn and Twitter Poll some months back. The poll results reflect the thoughts from an IT pro/ Device Management perspective. Also, have a quick look at Microsoft’s Internal job opening trends.

We have other posts where we discussed more the opportunities for Desktop Engineers, Packaging Engineers, SCCM admins, and their career paths. There is also a cultural difference in some parts of the world in how people look into career growth. More thoughts on culture are given below:)

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Microsoft’s Expectations on Intune Vs SCCM adoption

Brad Anderson shared some stats and predictions in Microsoft Ignite 2020 with Intune Vs SCCM adoption. The prediction is to have a 50% split between the products. But we think the Intune adoption is exponential, and SCCM market share is reducing. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

I think it’s a win-win situation for both Microsoft and Enterprises. I think most of the SCCM admins must take this opportunity to learn Intune and Azure technologies (including security). There is a great future for System Admins! So, in the end, it will be a Win-Win-Win situation for all – Microsoft, Enterprises, and System Admins.

  • 2019 (Past)
    • Intune 👉 5%
    • SCCM 👉 95%
  • 2020 (Present)
    • Intune 👉 19%
    • SCCM 👉 81%
  • 2021 (Future)
    • Intune 👉 35%
    • SCCM 👉 65%
  • 2022 (Future)
    • Intune 👉 50%
    • SCCM 👉 50%
Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Interest
Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Interest

System Admin Thoughts on Intune Vs SCCM Jobs

Let’s check the thoughts from the System Admin on Intune Vs SCCM Jobs and the future. We have conducted polls on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups to get the pulse of the system admins. The results were not surprising.


Most of the admins were already aware and agreed with the fact that there is a real shift towards MEM Intune device management solutions from SCCM. Move to Intune was a very clear indication back in 2021 itself.

Intune Jobs62%61.1%80%
SCCM Jobs23%27.8%18%
Not Sure16%11.1%1%
Intune Vs SCCM Jobs
Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Interest 1
Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Interest 1

Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings in the US, UK, and India – Linkedin

Let’s check Intune Vs. SCCM Job openings in the US, UK, and India on Linkedin. I can’t validate all these job postings available on LinkedIn because the LinkedIn search can’t narrow down only to Intune or SCCM jobs. However, it shows all the Jobs where either Intune or SCCM is mentioned in the job description.

This type of LinkedIn search is not very good for understanding the actual SCCM Vs. Intune Job openings. Because it shows all the Jobs that have SCCM and Intune in them. We don’t consider this in terms of where the job market is going.

Intune Jobs3850510943
SCCM Jobs1176512221411
Intune Vs SCCM Job
Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Interest 3
Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Interest 3

July 2022 – Real-world Example of Intune Vs SCCM Job Open Positions

Let’s check the real-world example of Intune Vs SCCM Job open positions. This is an example taken from a LinkedIn post, and openings are for one of the top consulting firms in the world. I think this would be the trend for the rest of the consultancy firms and enterprises.

This is one of the most concrete examples I could get to provide insights into Intune Vs SCCM job industry. Let’s assume this consulting firm is getting new clients/contracts and supporting those client accounts; they need more Intune support than SCCM support personnel.

This gives a fair bit of an idea of where the jobs industry is going.

  • Intune Job open positions (30) are more than double that of SCCM (14)
SCCM OpeningsIntune Openings
Intune Vs SCCM Job
Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Interest 4
Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Interest 4 – Pic Credit to LinkedIn Post

Internal Microsoft Job Openings for Intune Vs. Configuration Manager

Let’s have a look at Microsoft’s internal Job Openings for Intune Vs. Configuration Manager. We have done some research on this and found and Job search results in the Microsoft portal are also not 100% relevant.

If the Job description contains words such as Intune or Configuration Manager, the search results will return those jobs as either Intune or SCCM jobs. But in reality, these skills can be mentioned as optional skills in the job description.

NOTE! – I’m not surprised with these results because it’s Microsoft!! We all know the priorities of Microsoft!

ConfigMgr Job OpeningsIntune Job Openings
Intune Vs. Configuration Manager
Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Admin Interest 5
Intune Vs SCCM Job Openings and Admin Interest 5

Culture -> Career Growth

We think the social culture and mindset of each country are different. Let’s take India as an example here. We have seen the career growth for most engineers 5-10 years back to become people managers.

There is a false assumption that technical people won’t be competent enough to get jobs if they are stuck in technical jobs, so the inspiration is always to move to management roles.

We see a reverse trend now with this thought process. Many experienced engineers wanted to continue with the technical profiles rather than moving into people management or product/project management roles.

You are the best judge here, and you should make up your mind and decide what your career path is! There is no easy way to achieve success in IT! You need to go through stress/competition in technical/non-technical and management roles.


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