Join us for Community Day in Bangalore on Sept 19th 2015

We’ve identified 2 schools in Bangalore for a social cause “DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP” as part of COMMUNITY DAY 2015 on 19th September 2015. Many thanks to Somashekar to work the schools in Bangalore and make this possible. What is “Digital Citizenship”? Helping hand to the students who are not from good financial background via their schools which are economically challenged and have very little resources. We believe that interacting with the students and guiding them on importance of education, available learning resources, steps to excel in future and tips & tricks for brighter opportunities will motivate them towards Computer Learning to optimize their career and studies. For more details you can refer the blog post here. We are looking out for more volunteers for this activity. If you are interested, please contact me or Soma Sekhar via Facebook group here.

Community Day

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