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Largest community for SCCM/ConfigMgr in FB “SCCM – ConfigMgr Professionals Group” is here. Thank you much for all members and admin team for building and maintaining this community. It’s not me who is running this SCCM/ConfigMgr Facebook group rather it’s run by other admins and community members. This is the largest SCCM ConfigMgr Facebook group, not only in terms of 9037 members but also with most active participants and active discussions. For example, we have had discussion threads in this group with more than 150 comments and discussions. Best wishes for year 2017!!
There are great FB groups like Tech Konnect (here) for sharing posts and news across the IT world but this group is more focused on discussions/SCCM troubleshooting tips and help.  I know some of us treating Facebook as very personal social media application or website.  But I don’t think Facebook is only for personal and fun stuff rather Facebook can very well used for personal as well as professional or technical activities. No one can ignore the presence of Facebook in our professional life. One simple example is “Can we find any of the big organization which does have an official Facebook Page?” For me, Facebook is also a productive application with dual use or dual persona same as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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SCCM Facebook Group
SCCM Facebook Group

For me Facebook community is always helpful and it has very important role in our IT Pro community activities. All Bangalore IT Pro user group events are published and notified through SCCM ConfigMgr and PowerShell Facebook groups. We have several option to check the suitable date for audience through Facebook groups such as polls, events etc….. We can invite and promote new speakers via Facebook group for user group community and this is very common for Bangalore IT Pro community. Believe me, it’s very effective rather than old community website based event publishing system. The key point of using Facebook group is that it’s very interactive and you can reach relevant audience very effectively. We should use the popularity and reach of Facebook to promote SCCM/ConfigMgr community.

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3 thoughts on “Largest ConfigMgr SCCM Community”

  1. Hi Anoop C Nair,

    I´m installing sccm following all the steps but it stucking on sccm wizard saying: setting up the SQL database it overpassed one-hour in the same stage.

    I have one DC, and SCCM SRV with SQL installed and others features and roles required to install the sccm.

    I need help to solve it.


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