Learn Key Security Features of Windows 10 Enterprise Environment

Learn key security features of Windows 10 Enterprise Environment. Once upon a time, antivirus software with malware/spyware protection was more than enough to protect Windows endpoint devices. Cyber attacks are getting more and more sophisticated.

And Windows 10 is Microsoft’s answer to modern world sophisticated cyber attacks. This post will get you the details about Windows 10 Security Infographic, and this will help to understand key security features of the Windows 10 enterprise environment.

Infographic – Easy Understanding  of Key Security Features of Windows 10

Security Ecosystem and Key Security Features of Windows 10

The primary trigger for Windows 10 migration is a security enhancement. Another trigger is Windows 7 will stop getting security patches after January 14, 2020.

I don’t believe that only antivirus and malware/spyware solutions can help us protect Windows 10 corporate devices. Instead, we need to build a security ecosystem to protect Windows devices.

Windows 10 is redefining the way we think about security. We should start securing the Win10 environment with With UEFI and TPM.  Improved identity control, access control, cloud security integration, and containerization (with hyper-v component) are part of the Windows 10 security echo system.

Windows defender advanced threat protection (Windows Defender ATP) is one of the leading pillars of the Windows 10 ecosystem. Microsoft provided a more detailed analysis of the Mitigation of threats using Windows 10 security features.

Learn about Windows 10 Security Ecosystem


How to Secure Windows 10 Enterprise Environment

To secure your Windows 10 enterprise environment, you must understand the Windows 10 security ecosystem. Windows 10 security ecosystems include loads of moving parts. It’s not very easy to understand each security component of Windows 10. Here is your best opportunity to understand all Windows 10 security ecosystems.

key security features of Windows 10
Key security features of Windows 10

You can learn about Windows 10 security components through Adaptiva’s Windows 10 Security Primer Infographic. Windows 10 security infographic explains each feature and what it can do for your enterprise. Infographic has arranged Windows 10 security at each operating phase:-

1. Offline
2. Boot
3. Logon
4. Running

Windows 10 Endpoint Security Automation

When you are responsible for taking care of tens of thousands of Windows endpoints, you are certainly stressed trying to make sure they are all healthy, up-to-date, and secure.

You can use scripts, but that requires you to write many scripts, test them, and figure out how to run them on all your endpoints.

Then you have to follow up on success and failure enterprise-wide and provide reports, which is tricky if you are using a patchwork of scripts. The above infographic post from Adaptiva has a clear solution for the same.



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