Manage Incidents from Any OS Any Device with Free Analyst Portal

Are you part of Incident management team or part of helpdesk management? Do you have trouble to give your Analysts the ability to create, view, and edit Incidents from their devices? Their devices can be of any browser and OS. Incidents can be created and managed on the fly with the free Analyst Portal – Community Analyst Portal.

Wanted to Improve service delivery and mature your ITIL processes? Read on and try to download the solution from Cireson.

Manage Incidents with Free Analyst Portal

Cireson recently announced the general availability of the new free Analyst Portal Community solution. Like their other free community apps for SCSM, this app seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Service Manager to empower Analysts with web-based Incident Management capabilities.

The free Analyst Portal Community app allows Analysts to create, view, and edit Incidents from any browser, device, and OS. The Incidents can be created and managed on the fly, from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The free Analyst portal community app provides the filtered lists and views allowing management of all active Incidents and activities in a single streamlined view. The Incident dashboards are another value add to provide valuable insights into Incident priority, diagnostic information, and status.

Story Behind the Design

Based on community, customer, and partner feedback, Cireson was able to recognize the need for any easy-to-use, web-based experience for Analysts to manage Incidents on the fly.

The Analytics portal Community app to empower Support Teams and help further maximize the value of SCSM across organizations.” The Analyst Portal Community app is designed to be used in conjunction with the free Self-Service Portal.

The free Community app to provide end users with an easy to use, personalized experience for reporting incidents, searching the knowledge base, and requesting services from the service catalog.

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