Configure Telemetry for Upgrade Readiness with Intune and SCCM – Part 3

In this 3rd post, we will learn the ways to configure Windows Telemetry using Group Policy. SCCM Client settings, Intune via Windows MDM CSP and using Telemetry script. Upgrade Readiness Architecture and Integration with SCCM topics discussed in the previous posts.

Upgrade Readiness for Intune and SCCM

Telemetry is required for Windows Analytics solutions like Upgrade Readiness.Below are the 4 levels of Telemetry. The amount of data gathered from each telemetry level is different as shown below.In this blog post we will cover different methods to configure Telemetry.

This is a series of posts as listed below.

  1. Define Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness Architecture with SCCMPart 1
  2. How to integrate Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness with SCCMPart 2
  3. Configure Telemetry for Upgrade Analytics/Readiness with Intune & SCCM – Part 3

Following are the contents covered in the this post:-

Telemetry Table
Enable Telemetry using Upgrade Readiness Deployment Script
Enable Telemetry using Windows 10 CSP for Intune
Enable Telemetry using Group policy
Enable Telemetry using SCCM Client Agent

Telemetry Table

LevelData gatheredValue
SecuritySecurity data only0
BasicSecurity data, and basic system and quality data1
EnhancedSecurity data, basic system and quality data, and enhanced insights and advanced reliability data2
FullSecurity data, basic system and quality data, enhanced insights and advanced reliability data, and full diagnostics data.3

Enable Telemetry using Upgrade Readiness Deployment Script

  • Script will automate procedures necessary to enable Telemetry.
  • Upgrade Readiness/Windows Analytics deployment script is available for download from here.
  • When you run the deployment script, it initiates a full scan. The size of initial data will be 2 MB. But there after inventories are deltas.
  • “Windows Compatibility Appraiser” Schedule task is responsible to scan and send Telemetry data.

Windows Compatibility Appraiser Schedule task

  • Use a software distribution system such as ConfigMgr for large scale script deployment.
  • Refer blog for more details about the Proxy connectivity scenarios.
  • Edit the RunConfig.bat to change values such as “LogPath”, “logMode” and “commercialIDValue”.
:: File share to store telemetry logs
set logPath=%SystemDrive%\UADiag
set logPath=%logPath:"=%SystemDrive%\UADiag\Logs

:: Commercial ID provided to you
:: Go to your OMS workspace navigate to path \Settings\Connected Sources\Windows Telemetry 
:: Copy COMMERCIAL ID KEY in above path and replace it in the line below
set commercialIDValue=0202298yuy-q283918i-82739871i8-712387yyu99-189219918yt

:: By Default script logs to both console and log file.
:: logMode == 0 log to console only
:: logMode == 1 log to file and console
:: logMode == 2 log to file only
set logMode=1

Upgrade Readiness deployment script

  • You can find Commercial ID Value in your OMS workspace. (Settings -> Connected Sources -> Windows Telemetry)

Commercial ID Value

  • Edit RunConfig.bat and Customize IE data collection. This setting helps to find IE website compatibility issues.
:: By Default script disables IE data collection
:: To enable it set AllowIEData=IEDataOptIn and set IEOptInLevel
set AllowIEData=IEDataOptIn

::IEOptInLevel=0 Internet Explorer data collection is disabled
::IEOptInLevel=1 Data collection is enabled for sites in the Local intranet + Trusted sites + Machine local zones
::IEOptInLevel=2 Data collection is enabled for sites in the Internet + Restricted sites zones
::IEOptInLevel=3 Data collection is enabled for all sites 
set IEOptInLevel=1

Internet explorer telemetry

    • On proxy server or firewall,we need to whitelist Microsoft telemetry endpoints.
  • Refer Blog for more details about the URL’s to be whitelisted.
  • Windows Analytics/Upgrade Readiness Script creates registry values in below location.

Allow Telemetry ==> 0x00000003(3)
CommercialId ==> 0202298yuy-q283918i-82739871i8-712387yyu99-189219918yt

Windows analytics telemetry registry

Enable Telemetry using Windows 10 CSP for Intune

  • Use device management tools like Stand alone Intune/Hybrid Intune to deploy below OMA-URI configuration to enable telemetry. More details Policy CSP and System/AllowTelemetry.
OMA-URI -> ./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/System/AllowTelemetry
Data Type -> Integer
Value -> 3 (this is the value for FULL)

Windows 10 OMA URI Telemetry

OMA-URI - /Vendor/MSFT/DMClient/Provider/ProviderID/CommercialID
Data type - String
Value - 0202298yuy-q283918i-82739871i8-712387yyu99-189219918yt

Windows 10 OMA URI CommercialID

Enable Telemetry using Group policy

  • Navigate to the below Group Policy setting to configure Telemetry and commercial ID.
Policies --> Administrative Template: Policy Definition: Windows Components: 
Data Collection and Preview Builds:-
Allow Telemetry ==> Enabled
Configure the Commercial ID ==> Enabled
Configure Connected User Experiences and Telemetry ==> Not Configured

Group policy Telemetry Windows Analytics

  • GPO create below registry on end user computer.

Windows analytics Registry Telemetry Enable Telemetry using SCCM Client Agent

  • “Windows Analytics” client agent setting is available from SCCM 1706 onwards
Create NEW - Client Settings - Windows Analytics
Custom Device Settings :-
Manage Windows Telemetry settings with Configuration Manager --> YES
Commercial ID Key --> 0202298yuy-q283918i-82739871i8-712387yyu99-189219918yt
Windows 10 Telemetry --> Full (Depends on your requirement)

SCCM Windows Analytics custom device settings

  • SCCM client agent setting create below registry on end user computer.

Allow Telemetry ==> 0x00000003(3)
CommercialId ==> 0202298yuy-q283918i-82739871i8-712387yyu99-189219918yt

Telemetry Registry

References :-

  1. Windows 10 Telemetry CSP  – Here
  2. Setting to enable Telemetry – Here


  1. Hello,

    We have the upgrade readiness solution implemented. However, we are having some issues with the data that we get from OMS while crosschecking with the application inventory from SCCM.

    If you can provide the information, can you please let us know how the number of applications data is collected from client devices and are there any possible cases that the application inventory from SCCM cannot match the data from Upgrade readiness solution.

  2. Great article. I am having an issue running the script on Windows 1511 machines which are already out of support. It’s returning error code 32 – Appraiser version on the machine is outdated. I’m trying to figure out how to update this. The latest compatibility update is already on these machines. The file version of appraiser.dll is 10.0.10586.0. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello,

    Could you confirm that SCCM and script, I deployed SCCM Client settings and Readiness Script but the value in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\DataCollection is empty but it’s configured correctly in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection and there’s no GPO.


    • Which version of SCCM ? Also make sure the client version is also updated to the latest version of SCCM.
      Can you see the commercial ID? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\DataCollection

      What is the telemetry settings which got applied on the device via Client policy settings?

      • SCCM CB1810, client up to date.

        Yes I can see the commercial ID, basic mode has been configured in client settings.
        I tried to change the client settings from basic to full and the value has been modified in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DataCollection but not in
        also I see the commercial ID only in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\DataCollection

      • I think, it’s ok to have those entries blank. The point is SCCM client settings are working OK. That is a good news. Can you share what is the exact issue that you are facing? The telemetry data is not available in OMS portal? Or are you getting error in event logs?

  4. I don’t have issue with OMS Portal telemetry data are uploaded correclty. I just want to confirm where the SCCM client settings is applied in the registry because I had two different AllowTelemetry value and I didn’t understand why also I want te be sure that the right configuration is applied.


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