Azure Virtual Desktop Microsoft AVD FAQs from AMA

Following are my quick notes from AMA organized by the Microsoft AVD product team. It was super useful to me. I thought it would be helpful for you as well.

Let’s have a quick walkthrough of the questions and answers I wanted to highlight.

NOTE!AVD is GA’d Generally Available World Wide with the App Attach Feature?

You can go through all the AVD AMA discussions from the link I shared in the Resources section of this post. More information on AVD – Microsoft VDI Story AVD Concept Setup Guide Myths Known Issues

Patch My PC

GA Dates?

AVD GA –? AVD GA by the end of the calendar year. No specific dates.

AVD Service Availability Outside the US

AVD Deployment Best Practice – We should deploy our VMs/VLANs in the Data Centers near users as AVD is a non-regional service.

As we deploy regional clusters, the performance in other Azure regions will improve rapidly in the next 6+ months.

Azure AD Join Support?

AVD VM Azure AD Join Support for AVD instead of Domain Join? Investigating!


AVD SSO Related Questions?

1. SSO without Azure AD Domain Services or AD DC requirement – We’ve got lots of feedback on this and are investigating. Currently, you would need AD DC and AD FS (of which we’ll have some more documentation soon).

2. No AD Domain services or AD DC requirement – Same as above. This one is a top ask for many customers, and we’re investigating how we can solve this, but no specific dates.

3. Front end in the portal – Same as above. We’re investigating this. In the meantime, you can deploy the standalone management web app:  .

4. Azure files with FSLogix for profiles with AD DC or Azure AD: Unfortunately, this is more of an Azure Files feature ask since Azure Files–at the moment–isn’t recognizable by AD DC. They mentioned last Ignite that they are working on this specific feature (with AD DC), but we do not have updates at the time. Azure AD will be a separate issue once we get there.

AVD Automation with Terraform

AVD automation with Terraform. Microsoft says they have production deployment done with Terraform.

AVD Latency Related Issues?

AVD Latency Commitment/recommendation mentions that 150ms is what you should stay under for Windows AVD. It’s a very generic commitment/guideline. Use AVD along with Citrix HDX? Is this possible?

Thin Client Support for AVD?

AVD Thin Client Support Dell – Linux/Windows 10 IoT/ThinOS will be announced as part of GA? Microsoft is working with Dell and some other vendors to have this support from GA. I like this discussion thread in AVD AMA.

AVD Audio Video Support

Support for Audio and Video comms apps running – Teams support is coming as per AVD AMA.

FSLogix Profile Redirection Support in AVD AMA

AVD FSLogix Profiles – can the full profile be excluded, and then specific items added back? Not supported now.

Teams Optimizations with AVD

Microsoft Teams and Camera Settings in AVD RD Client – Teams optimizations (including media offload for teams calling) will not be in the AVD service GA but are a fast-follow feature that we are working hard on and targeting delivery not long after the AVD service GA.

Were you directed to a specific VM?

AVD Users to allow be directed to a specific VM – This is coming as a feature. It’s a common ask. There can be 1:1, but brokers do the mapping. For example, user 1 comes in and gets vm2, user 2 comes in and gets vm3, etc. We cannot specify that user 1 must get vm1.

However, there can be 1 VM per host pool and just 1 user assigned to it. This is what I heard in WVD AMA discussions.


AVD Orchestration for New AVD Client – Automation discussion.

More details –



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