Video Review of Microsoft Whiteboard for IT Pros

Let us learn about the Video Review of Microsoft Whiteboard for IT Pros. Microsoft Whiteboard app for Windows 10 is a useful application. Microsoft Whiteboard for Windows 10 is available in all Windows regions.

But the Whiteboard application is only available in English. As per Microsoft, it will roll out to other languages over the next few months.


  1. What is Microsoft Whiteboard?
  2. Video Review – Microsoft Whiteboard from an IT Pro perspective
  3. How to Download Microsoft Whiteboard application?
  4. Whiteboard Troubleshooting?

What is Microsoft Whiteboard?

Whiteboard is another Productivity tool from Microsoft. Microsoft Whiteboard is an application which you can install from Microsoft store on Windows 10 machines. In layman terms, Microsoft Whiteboard is a presentation and collaboration tool for all of us.

Microsoft’s definition of  Whiteboard is bit different. Whiteboard gives teams a freeform, intelligent canvas for real-time ideation, creation, and collaboration.

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Approximate size of Whiteboard application is 116.02 MB. Your whiteboards stay safe in the cloud until you’re ready to return to them; from the same or another device, there is noNo need to take photos of your whiteboards or mark them with “Do Not Erase.”

Create freely, work naturally

Collaborate in real time, wherever you are

Save automatically, resume seamlessly


Video Review – Microsoft Whiteboard from an IT Pro perspective

Check out the following video review to know more about Microsoft whiteboard from an SCCM admin perspective. Let’s see how to collaborate with different SCCM teams in your organization.

Video Review of Microsoft Whiteboard for IT Pros 1

How to Download Microsoft Whiteboard application?

You can download Whiteboard application from Windows Store or Microsoft Store. Both Windows Store and Microsoft Store are same. So don’t get confused with both the stores. You can install this app is supported for Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher.

You need to sign (with Microsoft account, outlook account, Hotmail account, Office 365 account etc.) into Microsoft Store to get this app and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices. Download Link

Whiteboard Troubleshooting?

Do you have trouble signing in to Whiteboard using Office 365 ID? If so, you need to ensure that your organization’s new Whiteboard service is enabled. You can log in to Whiteboard with Microsoft, Outlook, Hotmail or live accounts.

As per Microsoft, Whiteboard for iOS is coming soon but not sure about the dates and how soon it will be available for iOS and Android users.

If you can’t do Bing Search, Sign in, or Sharing options? This issue could happen because of some policy settings from Microsoft Intune or any other device management tool used in your organization.


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  1. I recently got my first drawing tablet to try out, the XP-Pen Deco 01 . The first program I tried using it was with the Microsoft whiteboard app, which the Ink API suggests installing. There’s also OneNote (Desktop and Windows app flavours). They both work very well. It strikes me that Microsoft has 2 very capable apps here, all with their own strengths, but weaknesses in that they each lack features from the other app. I don’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t just combine them both into one super functional app.


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