New SCM Security Compliance Manager is Ready for Download

Microsoft has released a new version of Security Compliance Manager. The latest version of SCM is V3.0.60.  The new version of SCM includes new baselines for Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, and IE 10. Through SCM, we can quickly configure and manage systems and your private cloud using Group Policy and ConfigMgr.

New SCM Security Compliance Manager is Ready for Download 1

As part of Security Compliance Manager (SCM) V 3.0.60 includes Microsoft SQL  Server 2008 (If you do not have one SQL Server available, the SCM Windows Installer will provide you with SQL Server Express at no cost) and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribute – 10.0.30319 (it’s also included in the SCM Windows Installer). We can download, Security_Compliance_Manager_Setup.exe,  which is 131.6 MB from here. More Details about the release here.

Following are the Key features and benefits of having Microsoft Security Compliance Manager

Centralized Management and Baseline Portfolio: The centralized SCM management console provides you with a unified, user experience to plan, customize, and import and export security and compliance baselines. SCM gives you full access to a complete portfolio of recommended Microsoft product baselines for Windows® client and server operating systems, and applications.

Baseline Customization: Customizing, merging, and reviewing your baselines just got easier. Now you can use the new customization capabilities of SCM to duplicate any of the recommended product baselines from Microsoft, and quickly modify security can compliance settings to meet the standards of your organization’s environment.

Baseline Comparison and Export: SCM enables you to quickly adopt the latest Microsoft product releases. Side-by-side baseline comparison features allow you to identify any changes to setting configurations and merge baselines within a product family with ease. Export and deploy baselines in your format of choice, including DCM Configuration Packs, Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP), Microsoft® Excel® workbooks, Group Policy Objects (GPOs), or SCM .cab files.

Baseline Compliance Monitoring and Verification: Keep current with the latest releases from Microsoft, automate your security baseline compliance process, and take advantage of baseline version control and automatic update features. The planning, customization, and export and import features of SCM quickly enable you to take advantage of monitoring and verification technologies, automate policy deployment, and produce compliance reports.

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