What Made OS Deployment Easy with SCCM Online Portal

OS Deployment Easy with SCCM Online Portal

I’m going to brief about OS deployment front end application for Bare metal installation and reinstallation. Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager (CMP) added a new addition to the tool. I have a blog post about SCCM online portal known as Cireson Portal for ConfigMgr (CMP). More details “Learn How to Empower IT Teams with SCCM ConfigMgr Anywhere Anytime Access“. We will see more details about the new feature called commence. I think this feature will help OS Deployment Easy with SCCM Online Portal.

Details about CMP v2 Commence – an OS Deployment Frontend

CMP Commence is user front end for OS deployments for an organization. CMP Commence empowers end users to carry out the reinstallation of their own devices. This is a Windows Pre-Execution Environment (WinPE) application that allows quick and easy computer provisioning.

OS Deployment Easy with SCCM Online Portal

Flemming Christiansen has published a details blog post about different used cases for Commence. Commence offers a secure front end for administrators and super users. For me, this gives an exciting opportunity to empower end users with the integration of SCCM online portal (CMP).

More details about CMP Commence

Commence provides a powerful front end tool for ConfigMgr/SCCM but in the background, it uses the power of CMP and SCCM. Commence is attached to an SCCM OS Image and a very simple Task Sequence. This tool also helps end users to install or reinstall computer using network boot (F12 boot). More Use cases for Commence:-

  1. Bare metal/new installation of computers
  2. Reinstallation of computers
  3. MDT integration with Commence
  4. Decommission of computers
  5. Unknown computer support
  6. How Secure Commence


  1. Deep Dive CMP (SCCM Online Portal) Commence – blog post from Flemming Christiansen – http://cireson.com/blog/commence-os-deployment-frontend/
  2. Request a trial of the Portal including Commence: – http://cireson.com/configmgr-portal/
  3. Checkout Wally’s webinar that covers the CMP & Commence:


  1. Interesting feature. If this feature is made available for end user then there will be no need of hiring deployment tech in the future for OS upgrades. Even companies will start decommissioning sccm admin as they are no longer needed for extensive support once the infra is setup.

  2. Ram, you will still need deployment tech to set up boot images, OS images, Task Sequences, distributing these to SCCM distribution points, etc.
    But with Commence you can from a PXE booted computer choose between your SCCM OS Task Sequences, name the computer, set primary user, etc.
    Just imaging booting up to Commence, then you can select between e.g. Windows 10, server OS, department specific images, etc.
    If you are using MDT, you can use MDT roles to install additional desired software made available through these roles.
    As you can use CMP’s built-in role based administration to define who can see which Task Sequences, this is used in Commence, so you can secure it so much that you can have an end user boot up, log in to Commence and install their computer.

    What is more common is that the end user can PXE boot their computer and perform reinstallation as Commence will recognize the computer and offer the same MDT roles, etc.


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