Learn How to Remove SCCM Cloud DP Distribution Point ConfigMgr

SCCM 1806 onwards you don’t have to have Cloud DP. SCCM Clients can use SCCM CMG to download content. You can save the cost of Azure PaaS server by removing SCCM Cloud DP. In this post, you will learn the steps to remove SCCM cloud DP.

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Why Remove SCCM Cloud DP?

You can use SCCM CMG as cloud DP as I explained in the previous post. I would recommend removing cloud DP once you completed the testing of content download functionality SCCM CMG.

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You can reduce the Azure PaaS server, dedicated IP, and Certificate costs by removing SCCM cloud DP. Moreover, you can reduce the complexity of your SCCM environment.

#1 Design Principle – Design is a reduction to the essentials and the omission of redundant aspects….

Wait … Are you Ready to Remove SCCM Cloud DP?

Are you sure whether you are ready to remove Cloud DP? Have you gone through the SCCM CMG content download verification steps (#4) as I mentioned in the post How to Setup SCCM Cloud Management Gateway as cloud DP?

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Make sure your SCCM CMG setup is working as expected before removing SCCM cloud DP. Also, my recommendation would be to remove all the packages from the Cloud DP before deleting SCCM cloud DP.

Video Tutorial –  How to Remove SCCM Cloud DP

Make sure you have already completed the SCCM CMG setup as cloud DP as I explained in the video tutorial before removing Cloud DP.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Delete SCCM Cloud Distribution Point (CDP)

Don’t remove the Azure PaaS server and blob storage before deleting the CDP from SCCM console. You can follow the below steps to remove SCCM cloud DP from your SCCM environment.

  1. Navigate to \Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Cloud Distribution Point
  2. Select the Cloud DP – go to properties – Content – And make sure there are no packages distributed to that DP
  3. Click on Delete button from the ribbon menu to remove SCCM cloud DP
  4. Click on Yes button from the confirmation windows to initiate the cloud DP deletion process

The above steps will begin the Cloud DP removal process from Azure. I would recommend waiting 5-10 minutes to complete the removal process from Azure.

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Remove SCCM Cloud DP

Verify the Removal of SCCM Cloud DP

You can verify the removal or deletion of SCCM cloud DP from the Azure portal.

  1. Navigate to Azure Portal – Subscriptions
  2. Make sure Azure Cloud Service (classic) associated with cloud DP (check the service name to confirm) is got removed
  3. Make sure Azure Blob Storage Account (Classic) associated with cloud DP is got removed from the Azure portal


SCCM cloud distribution point (CDP) details

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