Video Tutorial How to Upgrade SCCM 1602 to 1606

SCCM 1606

Microsoft ConfigMgr team released the latest version of SCCM 1606. This is the production version of SCCM CB 1606. This SCCM CB upgrade is provided through new Updates and Servicing channel.

Updates and Servicing channel upgrades are great experience all together. The latest version number of SCCM 1606 production is 5.00.8412.1000. The latest version of SCCM comes with loads of new features and improvements. More details about SCCM CB 1606 release is here.

In this post, I’m going to share How to Upgrade Video of SCCM CB 1602 to SCCM 1606 (with Audio). I hope this would be helpful. I segregated video tutorial into 5 parts and following are those 5 parts of SCCM CB 1606 upgrade video :-

    1. Run PowerShell script to ENABLE first wave of customers (Script is available in the above link) – Only for SLOW Ring
    1. Start of Download via SCCM CB 1606 updates and Servicing channel
    1. Replication of source files to the server in the hierarchy (this is not covered as I don’t have SCCM CB hierarchy in the lab)
    1. SCCM CB 1606 Prerequisites check
  1. SCCM CB 1606 Installation

How to upgrade SCCM CB 1602 to SCCM 1606


  1. We have been trying to work with Microsoft directly to get 1606 downloaded but they are slow to respond. Anyway, in CMTrace we keep seeing an “Invoke action against Intune” error. We have removed the Intune subscription trying to get the update downloaded but nothing has helped. Do you have any ideas on how to get upgraded to 1606? Thanks


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