SCCM Certification Exam 70-703 – Have you already SCCM Certified Engineer?

I normally don’t publish posts on weekends, but this is a bit special for me. This weekend is special for me because of Microsoft MVP Summit 2018! I’m traveling to Seattle and standing the check-in queue while I started writing this part of the post. More details about SCCM Certification Exam 70-703 in this blog post.

NOTE! – SCCM Certification Exam 70-703 getting expired on 31st Dec 2019. Checkout

Schedule SCCM Certification Exam 70-703

As expected and informed to MVPs earlier (privately), Microsoft released new certification exam 70-703 for SCCM and Intune professionals! SCCM Certification Exam 70-703 is open to schedule now.

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I have discussed Microsoft exam certifications in the previous post. I recommend reading that post to get more details! Latest SCCM CB Intune Microsoft Certification Exam 70-703. The cost of SCCM Certification Exam 70-703 is 165 USD.

SCCM Intune Microsoft Certification Exam 70-703 Register it Now! Administering Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Cloud Services Integration (Intune, Azure AD, Microsoft Store?) is available as a beta exam (more details below).

Forget Exam 70-696 – SCHEDULE 70-703 NOW ! (Update – Live 8th March 2018 )

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Administering SCCM Prepares you for exam 70-703 | Instructor-led classroom training – Take course 20703-1

Integrating MDM and Cloud Services with SCCM – Prepares you for exam 70-703 | Instructor-led classroom training – Take course 20703-2

What is Microsoft SCCM Certification Exam 70-703?

No Beta exam available for SCCM Certification Exam 70-703!

Microsoft introduced new model for beta exams! This is because of increasing NO SHOW rates for 100% free beta exams. The model beta codes will be an 80% discount off the exam price rather than a 100% discount. So once you have a taken a beta exam by paying 20% of the fees then, that 20% you paid when registering for the beta exam will be applied to the next exam that you take within one year.

I hope, this approach will help to reduce the EXAM DUMP availability for 70-703. Exam dumps are the main reason that genius SCCM admins are not getting proper credit for passing the exam.

Beta Exam Model Change = 20 % of Fees

What are the Major Topics included in SCCM Certification Exam 70-703 70-703 Exam?

Folks are worried about the content of 70-703. I received comments in my previous post here. The new exam could be simply advertising of new and old Intune features and would recommend throw your on-premise SCCM away and move to the MS cloud.

So, Microsoft is investing loads of money into SCCM development, and SCCM is NOT going to die soon. The content of exam 70-703 is ~80% pure SCCM and then ~20% Intune hybrid.

Configure and Maintain a Configuration Manager Management Infrastructure (30-35%)
Manage Inventory by Using Configuration Manager (10-15%)
Manage Applications by Using Configuration Manager (15-20%)
Deploy and Maintain Operating Systems by using Configuration Manager (15-20%)
Extend the Management Scope of Configuration Manager (5-10%)
Deploy and Manage Hybrid MDM by Using Configuration Manager and InTune (15-20%)

So if you are looking for 100% pure Intune content then, 70-703 is NOT the exam for you. You should look for some pure cloud Azure + Intune exams in the Microsoft live exam list.

70-703 – SCCM Exam or Intune Exam? = SCCM

What is the Exam Fees for SCCM Certification Exam 70-703?

The 70-703 exam fees is around $165.00 USD* (~10K INR). This price doesn’t include any promotional offers. There are special offers available for STUDENTS.

70-703 Exam Fees – $165.00 USD* (10K INR)

How to Convince your boss email for SCCM Certification Exam 70-70370-703?

Following is the helping hand from Microsoft to convince your boss to pay for your Microsoft certification exam. This content is available in the exam link above.

Dear [your boss’s name]:

I’d like to expand and prove my technical skills by earning a Microsoft Certification. My next step is taking Exam 70-703: Administering System Center Configuration Manager and Intune. The registration fee is $165.00 USD*.

When I pass this certification, you’ll have proof of my ability to work with Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Microsoft SCCM, Microsoft Intune. Microsoft has training and online resources to help me prepare for the exam. I believe I’ll be more effective and productive after achieving this valuable technical certification.

Let me know if you have any questions. In the meantime, you can find out more about this exam at . As you can see, the exam validates skills that are crucial to our team’s success.

Thank you for your support,

[your name]

How to Schedule SCCM certification Exam 70-703

You can go to the following link and schedule the exam. All the very best for your exams!

Training Courses for Exam 70-703?

The courses 20703-1A and 20703-2A are for individuals who are interested in taking Exam 70-703: Administering System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Cloud Services Integration. Courses 20703-1A and 20703-2A, or equivalent knowledge and skills, are necessary to prepare for this exam.