What is the Use of SCCM ConfigMgr 2012 SDK

CM 2012 SDK version released on 25-June-2012.

The big question !!! What is SCCM SDK?

Software Development Kit which helps SCCM admins to automate ConfigMgr activity using scripts, and it also helps developers to add some features and extensions of some functions.

Most of us use Right Click tools, the same kind of tool is also made with the help of SDK. See, another post (SCCM / ConfigMgr 2012–How to Build Custom Right Click Tools) which explains about the same.

You can get more and more scripts which are made with the help of SDK. See, SCCM Scripts !!

Some screen shots that may help some of you Smile

And Instructions

    1. Click Download to start the download.
    2. Download the ConfigMgr2012SDK.exe file.
      • Unzip the contents into a temporary folder.
      • Run Configuration_Manager_2012_SDK_Setup.MSI to install.



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  1. Hi Anoop, Could you tel me on how to progarm using SCCM 2012 sdk(like what language, syntax of the program, etc). your response to this will be highly beneficial.


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