How to Build Custom Right Click Tools for SCCM ConfigMgr 2012

Microsoft PFE Neil Peterson had published a blog post which will help you to create your own SCCM console extension Right click tools. Isn’t it great??

Have a look at the step by step explanation and video demonstration in the blog post ::

Long Live Right Click Tools – System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Console Extensions

See, Console Extension Internals in his words ::::

How to create SCCM right click tools

When considering console extensions for Configuration Manager (2007 or 2012) there are several components to consider

  • Console Extension Type – many different types of extensions are documented (or will be documented) in the Configuration Manager SDK. These types include Actions, Forms, Views, Nodes, and Management Classes. In this Blog post we will be focusing only on the Actions type.
  • Console Component GUID – this GUID corresponds to the console component on which you would like to add the custom Action.
  • Extension Folder – Each custom extension will be created and placed in a specific location for console consumption. This location will vary depending on why type of console extension is being created and what platform it is being created for (2007 or 2012).
  • XML File – each console extension is made up of a custom XML file.
  • Action Executable – typically each Console Action extension will have an executable (script or otherwise) that will be called from the XML file.

Just thought of combining Other Useful SCCM Right Click Tools and Add-ons related links in the same post.

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