SCCM ConfigMgr CB How to Create and Deploy MAM Policies to iOS and Android Devices

In SCCM Current Branch, you can easily create and deploy MAM policies to Android and iOS devices. In Intune, creating MAM policies is easy as I explained in the post here. Now, SCCM can be used to create and protect the corporate data using Mobile Application Management policies and conditional access. When you deploy MAM enabled applications with MAM policies to mobile devices then you can restrict the transfer of data between managed applications and native mobile applications. In the SCCM CB console navigate to “\Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Application Management Policies” and then click Create Application Management Policy.


In the page please Specify Application Management (MAM) Policy name “Microsoft Office iOS MAM”.


In SCCM ConfigMgr CB, specify the type of application management policy. There are two standard MAM policy platforms are available. 1. iOS and 2. Android.


In SCCM ConfigMgr CB, specify the type of application management policy :Policy Type. There are two types o of MAM policies are available 1. General and 2. Browser. 


 In this page, following are the MAM policies allowed for iOS devices. This SCCM MAM policy can prevent operations like copy paste between managed and unmanaged applications. Prevent Save as options etc…


Complete the MAM policy creation wizard and start deploying applications to iOS devices/users.


Application deployment is similar SCCM ConfigMgr CB apart a new page called application management policy.


Select the MAM policy which you want to deploy with this specific application:- Where required, select an application management policy to apply to each deployment type in this deployment. Select from drop down menu Deployment Type and General Policy (MAM Policy)?


Deployments properties come with one new tab Application Management :-


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