Uninstall Remove SCCM ConfigMgr CAS Primary Secondary server

This is the post where we can find some useful details about removal or uninstallation or deletion of Site server (s) rather Decommission of sites and Hierarchies. Also, we’re going to discuss about the difference between the options Uninstall and Delete (Secondary site/s).

Uninstall Remove SCCM ConfigMgr CAS Primary Secondary server 1

We will be able to REUSE the site code of secondary server/s if is no longer in use in your Configuration Manager hierarchy or in the Active Directory forest. However, Site codes cannot be used more than one time in a ConfigMgr hierarchy for a CAS or primary sites. If you reuse a site code, you run the risk of having object ID conflicts in your ConfigMgr hierarchy.

Another way to uninstall /remove SCCM 2012 CAS server from hierarchy  https://configmgrblog.com/2013/07/24/want-to-get-rid-of-your-configmgr-2012-central-administration-site/

When we want to remove entire SCCM/ConfigMgr hierarchy with lot of site servers (primary and secondary etc..), we’ve to follow bottom up approach. That means, Remove secondary sites attached to primary sites, primary sites from the central administration site (CAS), and then the central administration site (CAS) itself.

More Details on decommission of sites and Hierarchies through TechNet.

Uninstall/Remove/Decommission Secondary Site

1. Go To Administration—> Site Configuration –> Sites, click on the secondary site that you want to delete and select the Delete option in the ribbon.


2. There are two options in uninstallation wizard.

a) Uninstall the secondary Site

Use the first option “Uninstall the secondary Site”, when you want to remove a functional secondary site that is accessible on the network.

When you uninstall a secondary site, this action uninstalls ConfigMgr from the secondary site server and then deletes all information about the site and its resources from the ConfigMgr hierarchy.

b) Delete the secondary Site

Use Delete the secondary Site option if one of the following condition is true:
– A site has failed to install
– The site remains visible in the ConfigMgr console after you’ve uninstalled it.

When you delete a secondary site, this action deletes information about the secondary site and it’s resources from the ConfigMgr hierarchy and leaves ConfigMgr installed on the secondary site sever.


Uninstall/Remove/Decommission Primary or CAS site

You need to follow the same steps for removal of standalone/CAS attached Primary server. Same applies for CAS server removal. But the approach should be always BOTTOM UP.

What does Bottom Up mean? – You need to remove in the following order

  1. Remote Site Roles (MP,SUP etc)
  2. Secondary servers
  3. Primary servers
  4. CAS

1. Login to the primary or CAS server and Click Configuration Manager Setup from the Start menu


2. Select “Uninstall a Configuration Manager Site” option.

When there is a secondary site attached to the primary site, we must remove the secondary site before you can uninstall the primary site. Otherwise it won’t allow you to proceed with uninstallation.

When there is a primary site attached to the central administration site (CAS), we must uninstall the primary site before you can uninstall the central administration site..


3. Click Yes and Next


4. We can verify the ConfigMgrSetup.log file for more details about the uninstallation of the site.

INFO: Uninstallation the CAS site
INFO: Configuration Manager Setup - Uninstallation
INFO: Entering THREAD_Deinstall

5. Review the ConfigMgrSetup.log file to check whether Uninstallation has been completed successfully or not.

INFO: Completed the uninstall of the Configuration Manager Site


Uninstall sites and hierarchies in SCCM – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/servers/deploy/install/uninstall-sites-and-hierarchies

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12 thoughts on “Uninstall Remove SCCM ConfigMgr CAS Primary Secondary server”

  1. Hi Anoop,

    This was such an informative article. However I am facing a problem where I am unable to remove the primary configuration site, I am being shown an error that says “Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation”. I have all the admin rights and still am seeing this error. Kindly help me out.


    • Hi ! – Have you removed all the secondary sites (if you’ve any) under this primary site? That would be the first step you must try.


  2. What about the roles installed on the Secondary Site servers ? Is it required to remove the roles (eg. SUP, MP, DP etc) prior to Uninstall of secondary site?

  3. Hi Anoop!
    I have a disconnected network withsome primary site and secondary sites with a CAS on top. the CAS has developed some issues( SMS Executive is getting switched of every minute and the component manager is not available. Kindly suggest how to recover or reinstall CAS
    Thanks and Regards

  4. I’m facing a challenge since the beginning After installation of CAS and Primary server I found there’s a replication process going for long long time even more than 48hrs Primary to CAS replication wasn’t happened, also updating to 1706 was also stuck so I decided to delete Primary site and instead of 1606 I will install 1802 in both the sites. Now I’ve uninstalled Primary site successfully but whenever I’m trying to uninstall CAS it’s showing “There are sites attached to this site. You must uninstall the attached sites before you can uninstall this site”

    I had only one Primary server and uninstalled successfully but CAS isn’t uninstalling.

    Please help I can share my PC if you need to see it in person.


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