SCCM is Expired – Now what? Fix

SCCM is expired, and now what are the options to fix the issue. My SCCM preview version expired, and I wanted to get back on track with SCCM preview versions.

SCCM Preview Version Validity

One SCCM Preview version is valid only for 90 days or 3 months. This version should NOT be installed in the production environment. The SCCM preview version supports a maximum of TEN(10) clients.

I would recommend having a working preview lab environment to test all new changes in SCCM versions.

In my experience, if you are not close to preview releases for a couple of months, you miss many new features in SCCM. And you don’t have any clue about which feature other admins are talking about.

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How to Find out if the SCCM version is Expired? 

You can confirm whether the version is expired from the SCCM console itself. The SCCM console heading bar shows that your SCCM is EXPIRED.

SCCM is Expired

SCCM executive service gets automatically stopped if your SCCM is expired.

How to Fix Expired Version of SCCM?

There is no solution to fix the expired version of SCCM. I recommend creating a new virtual server and building a new SCCM preview environment.

Download the latest SCCM Preview baseline version 1810.2 from the Microsoft evaluation center.


In the below video tutorial, I tried to uninstall the SCCM expired version and installed the new version. You can try that as well, but I can’t guarantee this will work for you.

Video Tutorial SCCM is Expired – Now what?

The following topics are explained in the video tutorial.

  1. Uninstall SCCM Console
  2. Uninstall SCCM Primary server
  3. Make sure SQL DB got deleted
  4. Install the latest SCCM Preview baseline version

The technical preview introduces new functionality that Microsoft is working on. It introduces new features that aren’t yet included in the current branch of SCCM.

These features might eventually be included in an update to the CB. Before we finalize the features, we want you to try them out and give feedback.

6 thoughts on “SCCM is Expired – Now what? Fix”

  1. Hi – Thanks for sharing above video. I too wanted to install Preview edition on a virtual machine in home lab. I am currently running CB1806 Production. Do you think preview will work in the following settings:

    Single Domain Controller
    DHCP IP Address Range –
    DNS –
    CB1806 Primary Site – with site name PRI
    SQL 2017

  2. Thanks Anoop.

    Planning to revamp home lab next month with 2019 Products (Windows Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Office, Skype for Business, AGPM, OM, VMM, DPM, ORCH, SM, CB1806, APP-V and vSphere 6.x). Will try to include TP1810 to the project as well. Will keep you posted,

  3. I was able to install TP1810 on Windows Server 2019 yesterday. The install went without any issue. Now, I might need your help with Boundary configuration.

    My production CB1806 boundary is configured with IP Subnet range I have configured TP1810 boundary with IP Address range to I am not sure, if, I need to configure New Scope on the DHCP server so that 1 or 2 workstation gets ip address from range 192.168.1.x in order for me to test TP1810 new features. I don’t want to mess up current workstation that are in production range which is 192.168.0.x. Appreciate your input.

  4. My CAS license expired. Do i need to renew for existing package deployment? On 15 PC already deployed but 225 PC failed. All PC are in different region. Please guide me


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