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SCCM Driver Management strategy is critical for each organization. This post will help you download an eBook that gives an end-to-end SCCM driver management guide for beginners in the IT Pros world. I don’t have much expertise in OS Deployment (OSD), as I mentioned in my AutoPilot post.

More details about driver management options from Johan here!

What are Drivers and Why do we need Drivers?

Drivers are required for all the operating systems. This is applicable for iOS, Windows, Android, and all other operating systems. A driver is a software component that lets the OS and a device communicate with each other. Not all drivers communicate directly with a machine. I would recommend reading Microsoft documentation on drivers.

The driver is required when an application needs to read some data from a device. The application calls a function implemented by the OS, and the OS calls a function performed by the driver to provide the requested data to the application in a secure way. The primary purpose of device drivers is to provide abstraction by acting as a translator between a hardware device and the applications or OS. I would recommend reading Wikipedia articles on device drivers.

SCCM Driver Management – Key Configurations

Following are the most critical configurations in the SCCM task sequence. It would help if you were careful while you select either of the options in your Windows TS. I would recommend downloading the eBook mentioned in the later section of the post before creating any SCCM driver management. I would recommend reading MS documentation on Auto Apply Drivers Task Sequence Step.

  • From Each Hardware Device
     – Install only the best matched compatible drivers 
     – Install all compatible drivers 
  • Select drivers from all categories or drivers in the specific categories to be made available during Windows setup
     – Consider drivers from all categories
     – Limit driver matching to only consider drivers in selected categories

Download SCCM Driver Management eBook 

The SCCM Driver Management eBook is free from Adaptive to help SCCM admins educate and support their job. You can download the eBook prepared by Ami Casto. She is Microsoft MVP and Technical Evangelist.

Download ConfigMgr Driver Management Primer From Total Chaos to Total Control

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