SCCM High Level Architecture Design Guide

SCCM High level Architecture design diagram is available to download. I’ve another post (latest one) which talks about “SCCM 2012 Sample Architecture Diagrams and Decision Making Guide

This post deals with I/O performance tests. Also, from the same post, you can get details of a sample scenario with 25k clients. For example, most of the design questions from the hardware specs perspective (for site server) have been answered.

Which Server do you need to purchase? How much memory? What are the best Disk considerations?CPU and Network configuration?

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Some other very useful reference which is provided and implemented by Microsoft Internal IT team. This will also help you to design an environment (CM 07 as well as CM 2012).

Site server Role Hardware Specs used in Microsoft IT  ConfigMgr 2007

Site server Role Hardware Specs used in Microsoft IT  ConfigMgr 2012

1E Nomad

Thoughts / Recommendations from Kent Agerlund (Microsoft MVP) –SCCM / ConfigMgr SQL Server Placement and DB Sizing 

The below section applies ONLY to ConfigMgr 2007…..   The Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) guides are the next versions of Windows Server System Reference Architecture.

The guides in this series help clarify and streamline design processes for Microsoft infrastructure technologies, with each guide addressing a unique infrastructure technology or scenario.

You CAN download the PLANNING & DESIGN guide for ConfigMgr 2007 by visiting “Infrastructure Planning and Design.”

All the released IPD documents and presentations are available here to download.  

Example of SCCM HighLevel Architecture/Design ConfigMgr 2007……  

SCCM High Level Architecture Design

SCCM High Level Architecture Design
Architecture Design Guide – SCCM High Level Architecture Design

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  1. hello anoop, we are planning for SCCM 1511/1602…my company is asking for High Level Design document /Low Level Design Document. Do you have any such templates.


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