SCCM IP Check Script to Remove All of the Stale Systems from AD

ConfigMgr Client IP Check ScriptTroubleshooting client agent health issues at my current customer, I wanted to eliminate all of the stale systems from AD, so I didn’t waste my time on them (and of course, the customer was no real help here). I decided to write a script to take a list of systems, check if a forward and a reverse DNS entry exists, and compare the DNS reverse entry (if it exists) to the system’s name as specified in the list. Using these checks, I can now identify systems that probably don’t exist anymore and can be deleted from or disabled in Active Directory, thus allowing ConfigMgr to be cleaned up. Sample output:

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SCCM IP Check Script to Remove All of the Stale Systems from AD 1

Actual/exact interpretations of each category are possibly subjective and based on the configuration of a particular environment. Still, in general, IP registered to another system and Could not Resolve IP indicate stale systems. Recall that AD System Discovery also does a forward DNS lookup on systems before it creates a DDR on them. This script follows similar logic as the discovery; however, once the system is discovered, AD Discovery won’t remove it, and thus this script. Also, AD discovery doesn’t do a reverse lookup because this may or may not be configured in any given environment.

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The script is a PowerShell script and can be run on any system that can query the internal DNS. By default, and it pulls the names of systems to check from a file called sys.txt in the same directory as the script; place each system name to query on a separate line.

And then, run it from a PowerShell command prompt. To output the results to a CSV, pipe the output of the script to the Export-CSV commandlet; e.g., .\IPCheck.ps1
Export-Csv c:\IpCheckResults.csv

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