SCCM Release Dates Predictions Analysis from Community

SCCM release dates are one of the debated things in the SCCM community especially among the active Tweeps. In this post, let see the SCCM 1906 production version release dates prediction date.


I was lucky to predict the SCCM 902 release dates via twitter. So there was an expectation (rather pulling my leg) about Windows 10 1903 & SCCM 1906 release dates predictions πŸ™‚

Following is the screenshot of SCCM 1902 release date predictions via Twitter on March 23rd 2019. I also updated the post “End of Support Dates for SCCM CB Current Branch” with the release dates of SCCM 1906 & 1910.

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NOTE! – I don’t think my previous predictions of SCCM 1906 & 1910 are going to stand correct.

SCCM Release Dates
SCCM Release Dates – SCCM 1902

SCCM Release Date – 1906

Tweeps started the prediction discussion for SCCM 1906. I mentioned in Twitter that that SCCM 1906 will get released 10th July 2019 (Wed). The 10th July 2019 is 2nd Wednesday of July.

@AnoopMannur “Last time I was really lucky to get it right πŸ™‚ that was based on my own AI technique πŸ˜€ … This time I have more expectation on my shoulders πŸ™‚ I feel, it will be bit early I feel 2nd week of July (Wed).”

1E Nomad

There was another “strong & more relevant” prediction from @AriSaastamoinen about the SCCM 1906 release date and he predicted 17th July 2019.

I say his predictions are more relevant because 17th July and that is more safer date to predict because Djam mentioned in his last Tweet that the last coding date for SCCM 1906 production release is 17th July 2019.

SCCM Release Dates - SCCM 1906
SCCM Release Dates – SCCM 1906

What You Think?

What you think about SCCM release dates? SCCM 1906 release dates?

  • 10th July 2019 ?
  • 17th July 2019 ?
  • 24th July 2019 ?

You can either comment on this post with your prediction or you can use the SCCM Facebook Group to vote for a date.


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  1. Pretty strange our client got upgraded from CB1902 to TAP1906 y’day. I thought fast ring should be up on the web by now. Looks like I failed. Hope your prediction comes TRUE.


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