Real-Time Graphical Representation SCCM Run Script Results


The most exciting feature introduced in the SCCM 1710 version is real-time graphical representation of RUN SCRIPTS results. SCCM run script deployments are explained in this post.

More details about SCCM Run Script Architecture and troubleshooting is available in the following post

Video tutorial of SCCM 1710 upgrade process and Real-Time graphs of run script results – Here

What is Real-Time Graphical Representation of SCCM Run Script?

  • Security scope option for SCCM Run Script
  • Graphical representation of Run Script Results

SCCM product team added the ability to configure security scopes for Run Scripts feature.  This is very a interesting option as most of the corporate organizations don’t want their SCCM admins to push PowerShell scripts to all the machines. Also, this is almost real time script deployment through fast channel push method.

SCCM run script

SCCM Run Script option uses fast channel method to get the results of scripts from the end-user devices. SCCM CB version can get the results of scripts from end user machines almost real-time. The added advantage in this feature is that the results can be graphically represented within no time. This is an out of box feature which SCCM team enabled for SCCM CB version.

Do you want to know more about fast channel push notification method? I have a post which explains about this “Video SCCM CB Run PowerShell Script via Fast Channel PUSH Notification.”

SCCM Run Script

The monitoring improvement of “Run Scripts” is an excellent feature of SCCM CB 1710. The graphical representation of results is included Run Scripts wizard.

Another option to get the graphical representation of Run Script results is in SCCM console monitoring workspace.

What is the Graphical Representation out of box options to see SCCM Run Script Results?

There are three out of box graphical representation options to show the results of SCCM Run Script. And those are:-

Bar Chart
Pie Chart
Data Table

Script Output and Script Exit Code are the two other options given to show the results of Run Script. Script output gives you the details of Mode, Last Write Time, Directory and Length name details. All these details are coming to SCCM server in almost real time through the fast channel push notification method.

Real-Time Graphical Representation SCCM Run Script


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