SCCM Site Component Status Summarizers Troubleshoot Issues Configuration Manager ConfigMgr

SCCM ConfigMgr CB health monitoring connected well with SCCM Status Summarizers. All the monitoring solutions like custom scripts and SCOM management pack for SCCM are using SCCM Status Summarizers to get the detailed health status of your SCCM infra. In this post, we will see details of SCCM Status Summarizers and Health Monitoring.

I uploaded a video to YouTube which explains “SCCM Site Status Summarizers Health Details WMI class and Data via SQL Tables and Views“. The following link has a script and solution which I used back in SMS 2003 SCCM MP Health Check Script and Automatic Mail.

Do you know how to Reset SCCM CB Critical Site Component Status Summarizer Counter? The previous blog post will you to understand the process.

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Following are the content of this post:-

What is SCCM Status Summarizers?
List of SCCM CB Status Summarizers
Health Details of a SCCM Site via WMI class
Health Details of SCCM Site via SQL Views

What is SCCM Status Summarizers?

Summary class (SMS_SummarizerStatus) within WMI helps you to determine the health, or status, of different aspects of SCCM/ConfigMgr CB Infrastructure. The SCCM status summarizers are getting input from status messages, states, and counts. This status gives us a real-time (Almost?) view of the health of :-

SCCM CB sites
Site components
SCCM Status Summerizers and Health Monitoring Details

List of SCCM CB Status Summarizers

There are four status summarizers in the current branch version of SCCM/ConfigMgr. This summarizer classes summarize the status and state message data.

1E Nomad
Application Deployment Summarizer 
Application Statistics Summarizer 
Component Status Summarizer 
Site System Status Summarizer

From SCCM health check monitoring perspective, SCCM component status summarizer and site system summarizer are the main ones.

Deployment status of applications, Task Sequences and packages will be displayed as part of application deployment summarizer.

Application statistics summarizer helps to configure how often application statistics should be updated.

Health Details of SCCM Site via WMI class

The WMI class called “SMS_SummarizerSiteStatus” can help us to determine the overall health or status of an SCCM CB site. If SMS_SummarizerSiteStatus object Status property value is “0” then, the SCCM site is healthy.

More details about SMS_SummarizerSiteStatus here.

Following are another WMI classes which you can refer to get more details about SCCM status summarizers.

SCCM Status Summerizers and Health Monitoring Details

The WMI class SMS_SummarizerRootStatus is one which provides different colour indications in SCCM CB console. SCCM Status Summarizers and Health Monitoring are interlinked.

One example MOF file is given below:-

[Description("This class contains a rollup Green/Yellow/Red status about the current site, and all its child sites. "), dynamic: ToInstance, provider("ExtnProv"), read, DisplayName("Summarizer - Root Status")]
class SMS_SummarizerRootStatus : SMS_BaseClass
 [Description(""), key, enumeration("GREEN(0),YELLOW(1),RED(2)")] uint32 Status;
 [Description("This method will take the SiteCode and the Component as the input paramters, and return an arrays of strings: the TallyIntervals, and also the default interval."), static, implemented] sint32 GetTallyIntervals([in, SizeLimit("3")] string SiteCode, [in] string ComponentName, [out] string TallyIntervals[], [out] string DefaultInterval);

Following WMI query will give a count informational, warning, and error messages since Monday. TallyInterval value “00011280001A2000” = Monday.

More details about Tally Interval here.

SELECT Infos, Warnings, Errors
FROM SMS_SiteDetailSummarizer
WHERE TallyInterval = "00011280001A2000"

Results of the above WMI query:-

instance of SMS_SiteDetailSummarizer
 Errors = 129;
 Infos = 368;
 Warnings = 51;

Health Details of SCCM Site via SQL Views

SCCM Status Summarizers and Health Monitoring details will help to streamline and fine tune the monitoring efforts of your SCCM infra. There are 4 SQL views which are used to store the SCCM site health data.

We can query the following SQL views to get more details on SCCM status summarizer. Component status summarizer lists summary status information for all SCCM components for different time intervals.  More details available here.

v_ComponentSummarizer = Component Summary
v_SiteDetailSummarizer = Overview
v_SiteSystemSummarizer = Site System Summary
v_SummarizerSiteStatus = Site Server Summary
SCCM Status Summerizers and Health Monitoring Details


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