How to Setup SCCM ConfigMgr Co-Management Video Tutorials

I have several posts related to co-management scenarios and implementation. In this post, I have collated all Co-Management Video Tutorials in one place for easy access. All these videos are recorded with SCCM CB 1802 production version.

I don’t think I would be able to share all the scenarios. Let me know if you want me to cover any specific scenarios in future video tutorials. I know one of the most wanted features in my video tutorial is audio explanation 🙂 I will try to include this in the near future.

Setting up Azure AD Connect and UPN Suffix Changes

I have created a video tutorial to help you to learn:-

More details in the post Setup Co-Management – AAD Connect UPN Suffix

How to Download, Install, and configure Azure AD connect
How to Create UPN Suffix
How to change the UPN Suffix of Users
How to Sync Azure AD with On-prem AD
End results of Azure AD Sync with on-prem AD

Video Tutorial Setup SCCM PKI Certs for Co-Management 

Co-management doesn’t have any PKI & certificate requirements. However, SCCM Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) and Cloud DP (CDP) have some PKI and certificate requirements. SCCM CMG & CDP are required for most of the scenarios when an organization starts the journey of modern management.

More Details in the post – Setup Co-Management – CA PKI & Certificates

1E Nomad

What will you learn from the following Video Tutorial:-

How to Install, Setup, Configure CA/PKI infra with Server 2012
How to perform health check for CA/PKI infra
How to Create custom PKI certificate templates for SCCM Infra
How to Create Import custom Certificate Templates
How to Create Self Signed Certificate
How to Enrol Web Certificates from SCCM Servers
How to Export .Cer and .PFX certificate files for SCCM CMG, CDP and Clients

Video Tutorial to Setup SCCM Cloud DP – Part 3

Cloud DP (CDP) is not a prerequisite for SCCM Co-Management. However,  Cloud DP (CDP) is required for the scenario where you want to install SCCM client from the internet. But, in the latest version of SCCM 1806 (preview) you can download the content from CMG. Hence there won’t be any requirement to have CDP in future version of SCCM product at least for co-management scenarios.

More details in the post – Setup Co-Management Cloud DP Azure Blob Storage

Learn from the following Cloud DP Video

How to Configure Install Setup Cloud DP Using SCCM Console
How to Analyse the SCCM Cloud DP Logs 
How to test Cloud DP package distribution
How to check Azure Blob Storage for Cloud DP packages 

Video Guide Setup SCCM CMG

The Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) provides a simple way to manage SCCM clients on the internet. The CMG is a PaaS (Platform AA Service) solution in Azure.

More details in the blog post – Setup Co-Management Azure Cloud Services CMG

Learn from the following Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) Video

How to Setup Azure Services – Cloud Management
How to Setup Azure AD Discovery (User)
How to Install Setup Configure SCCM CMG (Cloud Management Gateway)
How to check SCCM CMG is installed Correctly
How to install Setup Configure Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) Connector
How to check the helath of SCCM CMG from Azure Portal

SCCM Configure Settings for Client PKI certificates

More details in the blog post SCCM Configure Settings for Client PKI certificates

How to Setup HTTPS communication for MP/SUP

More details in the post – How to Setup SCCM Co-Management to Offload Workloads to Intune

SCCM Client Install via Intune – Upload SCCM Client CCMSetup .MSI to Intune

More details about creating Intune Mobile app for SCCM client is explained in the article

Video Tutorial – End User Experience Windows 10 SCCM and Intune

End User Experience of Co-Management video :- Windows 10 co-management video.

All co-management end user experience is explained in the following article.

Intune Application Deployment – End User Experience of Co-Managed Windows 10 Device

This is the behaviour if you don’t configure Application deployment workload to Intune in Co-management configuration wizard. The option to offload co management workload to Intune is available only for SCCM 1806 (TP) or later.

Co-Management Related Posts

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  1. Your posts are very usefull, thanks

    What about on the scenerio when:
    I have domian devices Win 10 and many devices non-domain.
    I deployed Intune to domain devices using GPO autoerolment (hybrid join), for non-domain Azure Ad Join.
    When I checked deployment type on the device properties for domain devices I see “deviceEnrollmentType”: “windowsCoManagement”, for non domain Azure Ad “windowsAzureADJoin”

    My Intune authority i configured to Intune.

    Is it my deployment is right configuration or I shouldn’t assigned domain devices to Intune without SCCM?


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