Windows 10 Upgrade Challenges for SCCM Admins


Windows 10 is getting released on July 29th and there are loads of organizations want to test Windows 10 available for early adapters within their organizations to test and certify internal (in house) applications etc… So, management will be very keen to upgrade Windows 7 or Windows 8 machines to Windows 10 and the only we to do the Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 is using SCCM 2012 and SCCM vNext. Are the SCCM admins ready with their solutions and Task Sequence? I think, yes, the basic build and upgrade would be another complex process. However, the main headache would the content and replication of gigs of data (boot images, drivers, OS Images, User Data etc..) to loads of remote offices. How can we tackle it?

windows10 upgrade

There are some many ways to tackle these challenges and makes SCCM admins life easy. One of them is to use SCCM extension product like Adaptiva Onesite. With innovative technologies Content Push,Content Push for Task Sequences, IntelliStage, AutoStage etc.. Adaptiva Onesite can pre stage the content of the Task Sequence and do loads more. I’ve blogged about the same topic here.

The following Video tutorial which will help you to understand the Windows 10 Upgrade process, challenges and how to cater those challenges !!


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