Video Tutorial How To Perform Site Reset for SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1602


Another Video Tutorial from me on “How To Perform Site Reset for SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1602“. The SCCM Current Branch 1602 site reset can be performed from Configuration Manager Setup program which is by default there on SCCM CB primary server. SCCM site reset helps us to re-apply the default files and registry permissions on the site server and site components are reinstalled. Same SETUP log file is the one who stores the Site Reset information as well and that is  ConfigMgrSetup.log. Watch out and monitor the HMAN.log and SiteComp.log until all the components are reinstalled.

High Level Review of SCCM CB Site Reset :-

1. Setting up server accounts !!
2. Updating directory permissions to default one !!
3. Upgrading site control information !!
4. Updating Registry !!
5. Installing Site component Manager !!
6. Verifying directory permission !!

Video Tutorial How To Perform Site Reset for SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1602

We can perform another tasks listed down as well from SCCM CB site maintenance or reset option :-

1. Reset site with now configuration changes
2. Modify SQL Server Configuration
3. Modify SMS Provider Configuration
4. Modify Language Configuration


  1. I’m considering a site reset in order to install new language packs to my Configuration Manager infrastructure, due to recent acquisitions in non-English speaking countries. My concern is that by performing a site reset, I may in some way lose some of my settings, configurations, etc. Will a site reset actually un-do any of my important settings and configurations? What is the level of danger in performing a site reset in a fully functioning ConfigMgr environment?


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