Walk Through of New Edge Browser with Windows 10

Microsoft has release their new browser Spartan with newest Windows 10 preview build 10049. I’ve installed new Windows 10 Technical preview build 10049 and you can find the Spartan browser pinned to Windows 10 Taskbar !! As you can see in the below picture. Icon of Spartan is similar to globe. I don’t think, that is great or innovative ICON for a great browser ūüôĀ I’ve some other post which explains some more about Spartan “Windows 10 Spartan The New Internet Browser is Suspended

Spartan Browser with Build 10049-2

When you click on Spartan browser, it gives me a look and feel of¬†Windows 10 modern¬†or Windows universal applications. See below… I’ve noticed that the temp files of Spartan browser is stored in the user profile. In My case temp location for Spartan was the following. I would perform further research on what type of dats is stored @”C:/Users/Anoop/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windows.spartan_cw5n1h2txyewy/AC/#!001/Spartan/

Spartan Browser with Build 10049-1

The above look of¬†new¬†browser Spartan will change to almost normal browser after launching the default¬†website called “Project Spartan“. As Microsoft showed in the demo we can edit and put comments on¬†the live websites and save or share¬†it if you want. Tool for editing works very well in my testing.

Spartan Browser with Build 10049-4

Microsoft didn’t forget to give the Windows Universal app/settings feel in Spartan Internet browser settings as well. I’m loving it !! You can see options to enable and disable Cortana in the settings. But for India, Cortana is still not enabled. So I don’t have option to enable or disable Cortana in Spartan browser. What is the version of Spartan browser?¬†So, you can also see mentioned in the settings¬†Project Spartan version 0.10.10049.0 !

Spartan Browser with Build 10049-6

Press F12¬†to launch¬†developer tools from Spartan browser, you can see all those details there. Like performance, coding, Console, Memory, Network¬†etc….. I felt like, this part is something¬†similar to¬†chrome ūüôā But better !!

Spartan Browser with Build 10049-7

Reading View in Spartan browser is also excellent, you feel like reading a PDF of word document without any distractions of side bars ūüôā I tried F3 search in Spartan and it works well.

Spartan Browser with Build 10049-8

Google + Plus¬†works well with¬†Spartan browser!! No issues that I’ve seen.

Spartan Browser with Build 10049-9

I’ve¬†done editing of this post with Spartan. So,¬†WordPress editing¬†works well with Spartan browser.

Spartan Browser with Build 10049-10

When you select one word or sentence in Spartan browser and do a right click you can see one new option called “Ask Cortana

Spartan Browser with Build 10049-5

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