What is Face Check Feature in Entra

Exciting news for Microsoft Entra users! The Face Check feature in Entra is now available. Microsoft has expanded Microsoft Entra Verified ID to now include Face Check. This new feature uses facial matching technology to verify identities with high assurance while respecting user privacy.

In our daily lives, we rely on identity documents like driver’s licenses or passports to prove who we are secure. However, finding an excellent digital equivalent has been challenging. To solve this challenge, Microsoft Entra Verified ID comes in.

It offers a secure and user-friendly way to digitally verify various aspects of our identity, such as education, skills, and workplace affiliation. With fraud on the rise, especially with advanced techniques like generative AI, robust identity verification is crucial for businesses and consumers.

Currently, Face Check is available in preview. It allows users to test and experience its capabilities before its full release. With Face Check, users can easily verify their identity using facial recognition technology, adding protection to their accounts and data.

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How is Face Check Different from Using My Face to Unlock My Phone or Access an App?

What is Face Check Feature in Entra 1

Face Check and face-scanning security features on devices require facing a camera; they operate differently. Face Check compares selfies with a trusted identity document, providing a crucial layer of trust.

How Fair is Azure AI Vision Face API?


Microsoft conducts fairness testing of the Face API. It ensures responsible and inclusive use of AI. The Azure AI services team continuously strives for fairness and inclusivity.

What is Face Liveness Check?

What is Face Check Feature in Entra 2

The Face Liveness Check verifies the presence of a real person in live footage captured from the device’s camera. This prevents the use of static photos or videos for authentication.

Once I Use Face Check, where Does My Data Go? Where is it Stored?

What is Face Check Feature in Entra 3

When using Face Check, live footage (selfie) captured on the mobile device is passed to Verified ID, which invokes select Azure AI services. Neither Microsoft Authenticator, Verified ID, nor Azure AI services store or retain this data.


How Much Does Face Check Cost?

What is Face Check Feature in Entra 4

Face Check is free during the preview period for any Verified ID project. After the preview period, it will cost $0.25 per transaction within Verified ID.

What is Face Check Feature in Entra

Microsoft Entra Verified ID offers organizations an easy and secure way to verify necessary credentials without compromising security or compliance. Traditionally, tasks like background checks required physical presence, but with a Verified ID, it can be done securely from a mobile phone.

  • Microsoft Entra digitizes physical credentials worldwide using a standards-based approach by partnering with leading verification providers.
  • The system verifies government IDs with a quick selfie, ensuring they belong to the person presenting them.
Face Check
To verify your identity, You will need to complete a Face Check
Comparing photos from verified employee
The result of Face Check 95% match with the compared photo
What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Table 1
What is Face Check Feature in Entra - Fig.1 - Creds to MS
What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Fig.1 – Creds to MS

Microsoft Entra Verified ID

With Microsoft Entra Verified ID’s Face Check feature powered by Azure AI Services, you can now perform real-time facial matching against a photo on identity documents. Whenever someone represents themselves online, like on LinkedIn or during conference calls, you can trust it’s them.

Note! – All personal data remains safe in the user’s hands, and organizations see only verification results, not sensitive information. With Entra Verified ID, organizations can securely and efficiently verify important credentials at scale with a simple and trustworthy process.

What is Face Check Feature in Entra - Fig.2 - Creds to MS
What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Fig.2 – Creds to MS

Microsoft Entra Verified ID Face Check Powered by Microsoft Azure AI Services

Verifying that an ID belongs to a person is simple with a quick selfie. This quick verification eliminates the need for lengthy and complex verification procedures, allowing for a more efficient and secure verification process.

What is Face Check Feature in Entra - Fig.3 - Creds to MS
What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Fig.3 – Creds to MS

Simplifying Identity Verification for Organizations

BEMO, a prominent provider of cybersecurity help desk services, has integrated Face Check into its operations to verify employee identities quickly and minimize impersonation risks. Using Face Check, BEMO addresses the significant liability of granting admin access to unauthorized individuals.

  • This feature is an added security layer, providing assurance and peace of mind.
What is Face Check Feature in Entra - Fig.4 - Creds to MS
What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Fig.4 – Creds to MS

Getting Started with Face Check in Verified ID

You can quickly implement a Verified ID for your organization. Following these steps, you can quickly implement Face Check in Verified ID and enhance your organization’s identity verification processes. It only takes 5 minutes to get started.

Step 1 – Create a Face Check-ready Verified Workplace CredentialTime: 1 Minute

Access the Verified ID platform. Follow the provided instructions to create a Verified Workplace Credential. Ensure that the credential is configured to be Face Check-ready. It allows for facial matching during verification. Complete the process in 1 minute, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

  • Verified ID enables fast remote onboarding, more secure access, and easy account recovery with a standards-based solution for individuals and organizations.
  • Select the “Get started” button from the window below.
What is Face Check Feature in Entra - Fig.5 - Creds to MS
What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Fig.5 – Creds to MS

Step 2 – Control who can Retrieve a Credential – Time: 3 Minutes

Access the administrative settings or dashboard for Verified ID. Navigate to the user access configuration section. Choose whether all users or specific groups of users can request a Verified ID. Select the desired user access settings and save the changes.

Contro who can Retrieve a CredentialSelect/Deselect
Allow all usersDeselect
Allow users from selected groups onlySelect
Allow all users except for selected groupsDeselect
What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Table 2
What is Face Check Feature in Entra - Fig.6 - Creds to MS
What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Fig.6 – Creds to MS

Step 3 – Add your Verified ID – Time: 1 Minute

Users should visit http://myaccount.microsoft.com and access their profile settings. Look for the new option related to obtaining a Verified ID. Follow the prompts to obtain the Verified ID using their photo from the Microsoft 365 profile. Use Microsoft Authenticator to complete the process and get the Face Check-ready Verified ID.

  • Select Get my Verified ID from the window below
What is Face Check Feature in Entra - Fig.7 - Creds to MS
What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Fig.7 – Creds to MS

Enables High-Assurance Verification with Face Check

Apps can use a straightforward API request for users to conduct Face Checks against various credentials, such as a Verified Employee credential or a state-issued government ID. This functionality enables businesses to facilitate self-service actions like passkey activation or password resets.

  • Help desk services can also securely verify identities by requesting a Face Check against a Verified Employee credential.
  • To reduce compliance risks, apps receive a confidence score for matching against the photo from the desired credential without accessing liveness data.
  • The Microsoft Entra Verified ID developer documentation includes a reference for a presentation request sample featuring Face Check.
What is Face Check Feature in Entra - Fig.8 - Creds to MS
What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Fig.8 – Creds to MS

Free Entra Training Videos | Start Learning Entra ID Azure AD

You can refer to our first training video – What is Microsoft Entra ID, to kick start the Entra Training from basics. A blog post also explains more details on using Entra ID (aka Azure AD) as an identity provider solution from Microsoft.

What is Face Check Feature in Entra – Fig.9 – Creds to MS

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