What is Ransomware and Attend Webinar to Know More About it

How to resolve or fix Ransomeware


What is Ransomware? It’s a malware attack and that encrypts the specified files in your computer and mapped drives ! How is Ransomware getting spread? The most common way is via mail attachment. Specific file types in your network drives and local computer will get encrypted  when you open the Ransomware attachment from your mail.  What is the impact of Ransomware? You won’t be able to access the files which are encrypted. Think about this from an enterprise perspective – most of our machines have at least couple of network drives/file shares access and these file shares are mapped to you machine. All those files (with specific file types) will get encrypted and to decrypt those files you need to pay ransom  money to hackers!! These kind of attacks are increasing day by day !

Altaro is organizing a Webinar  to explain what is ransomware? How to prevent this from happening on your Hyper-V file servers? What are the methods to recover impacted Hyper-V hosts (file servers) from Ransomware? And real-world infections and resolutions (and failures!). Free webinar is scheduled for 23rd Aug 2016 2PM CEST / 1PM BST (RoW) OR 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT (US).

Register for the webinar “Beating Ransomware – Real Stories & Best Practices” from here


References :- TechNet Article here Ransomware Information Day (19th May 2016) details here



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