Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 January 2023 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has released the Windows 11 KB5022287 and KB5022303 cumulative updates to fix known issues, security vulnerabilities, and performance issues.

The latest Windows 11 KB5022287 and KB5022303 update address security issues for your Windows operating system, a known issue that affects blue screen and apps that use Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) SQL Server Driver (sqlsrv32.dll) to connect to databases.

Windows monthly quality updates help you to stay productive and protected. That provides users and IT administrators with the security fixes they need and protects devices so that unpatched vulnerabilities can’t be exploited.

You can use SCCM or Intune methods to upgrade to Windows 11 22H2. There are different KB articles for Windows 11 January 2023 Cumulative Updates (CUs). The KB5022287 and KB5022303 articles are for Windows 11 21H2, and 22H2.

Patch My PC

In Windows 11, you decide when and how to get the latest updates to keep your device running smoothly and securely. To manage your options and see available updates, select Check for Windows updates. Or select Start  > Settings  > Windows Update.

Microsoft schedules the release of security updates on “Patch Tuesday,” the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM PST. Depending on the time zone(s), IT pros should plan their deployment schedules accordingly.

Known Issues from Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303

Here you can check the current status of known issues after the last patch update on January 2023 CU for Windows 11 devices. This table offers a summary of current active issues and those issues that have been resolved in the last 30 days.

SummaryOriginating updateStatusLast updated
Database connections using Microsoft ODBC SQL Server driver might fail.
Apps using ODBC connections might fail to connect to databases.
OS Build 22621.819
10:00 PT
Conversion of text in certain languages might not work as expected
Impacted languages include Japanese, Korean, and Chinese
16:58 PT
Some apps might not be installed when using provisioning packages
Apps requiring administrative privilege to install might not install when using .PPKG files.
16:58 PT
Provisioning packages might not work as expected
Windows might only be partially configured, and the Out Of Box Experience might not finish.
16:58 PT
Direct Access might be unable to reconnect after your device has connectivity issues
This issue might happen after losing network connectivity or transitioning between Wi-Fi networks.
OS Build 22621.675
10:00 PT
Lower than expected performance in some games
Some games and apps might inadvertently enable GPU performance debugging features.
10:00 PT
KB5012170 might fail to install and you might receive a 0x800f0922 error
Security update for Secure Boot DBX might fail to install.
OS Build 22621.372
16:12 PT
Task Manager might not display in expected colors
Task Manager should function as expected but some parts of the UI might not be readable.
OS Build 22621.900
10:00 PT
Connections may fail when using Remote Desktop Connection Brokers
Remote Desktop Services collection, RemoteApp, and Desktop Connections are affected
11:03 PT
Domain join processes may fail with error “0xaac (2732)”
This might be encountered when an account was created by a different identity than the one used to join the domain
OS Build 22621.674
16:57 PT
Compatibility issues with Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers and Windows 11
Windows 11 devices with the affected Intel SST driver might receive an error with a blue screen.
Mitigated External2022-09-22
17:52 PT
Table 1 – Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 January 2023 Patch Tuesday

Important: For Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) devices, see the Special instructions for Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) devices in the How to get this update section to address security vulnerabilities in CVE-2022-41099.


New Features of Windows 11

HTMD community covered all the new features of the Windows 11 22H2 release in the following blog post. All these features are included in the latest Cumulative Update released on patch Tuesday, 10th January 2023. Here are the improvements for Windows 11, version 22H2

let’s learn some interesting Latest Features of Windows 11 22H2 and its Advanced Features. The 22H2 is a features update for windows 11, Latest Features Of Windows 11 22H2 And Advanced Features

Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 January 2023 Patch Tuesday Fig.1
Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 January 2023 Patch Tuesday Fig.1

This security update includes improvements that were a part of the January update. When you install this KB5022287, KB5022303:

  • This update addresses issues that affect the Local Session Manager (LSM). These issues might allow users who do not have admin rights to perform actions only an admin can.
  • This update addresses a known issue that affects apps that use Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) SQL Server Driver (sqlsrv32.dll) to connect to databases. The connection might fail. You might also receive an error in the app or an error from the SQL Server.
  • This update addresses an issue that might affect startup on some Windows devices. They might receive an error (0xc000021a) and have a blue screen.

SCCM Windows 11 KB5021234 KB5021255 Deployment

Learn how to Deploy Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 January 2023 Cumulative Updates using SCCM/WSUS. You can deploy Windows 11 January 2023 CU KBs using Intune or SCCM.

Using the following methods, you can create a monthly patch package for January 2023. You can also search with Windows 11 LCU for January 2023 KB. The easiest way is to check from the SCCM admin console.

NOTE! You can verify the Windows 11 versions (OS Builds, 22000.1455 and 22621.1105) by installing January 2023 Latest Cumulative Updates.

  • In SCCM Console, Navigate to \Software Library\Overview\Software Updates\All Software Updates.
  • You will need to initiate a WSUS Sync from the All Software Updates node (Right-click on the node and initiate the sync).
  • Search with the following KB5022287 and KB5022303 Numbers.
  • Or you can search with 23-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 11, as shown in the below screenshot.
Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 January 2023 Patch Tuesday Fig.2
Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 January 2023 Patch Tuesday Fig.2

Intune Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 Deployment

Let’s check how to deploy the Windows 11 KB January 2023 Patch Tuesday (LCU) Deployment using Intune. You can deploy Windows 11 January CU using Microsoft Intune. The patch deployment process in Microsoft Intune is different from that of SCCM.

I don’t think creating a new patch deployment policy to cater to monthly CU deployments for Windows 11 is mandatory, but you can use the following method to expedite. The existing patch deployment policy will deliver the patches using WUfB (Windows Update for Business).

Read More – Software Update Patching Options with Intune Setup Guide

You can expedite the Installation of January 2023 quality updates if the device OS version is less than 2023.01. Create expedited update profiles for Quality updates using the following steps.

  • Sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center
  • Navigate Device -> Windows 10 quality Updates.
  • Click on + Create Profile.

The following are the Settings for Intune quality update profile for the Windows 11 monthly patching process if you want to expedite the deployment of patches. Otherwise, you can use the standard quality updates policy from Intune.

  • Name – Windows 11 January 2023 LCU
  • Description— I would recommend adding a detailed description.
  • Expedite installation of quality updates if the device OS version is less than 10th January 2023 – 2023.01 B Security Updates for Windows 10 and later
  • Number of days to wait before the restart is enforced – 1 Day

More Details on Zero Day Out Of Band Patch Deployment Using Intune MEM Expedite Best Option and Intune Reporting Issue: Expedite Windows Security Patch Deployment.

Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 January 2023 Patch Tuesday Fig.3
Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 January 2023 Patch Tuesday Fig.3

Windows 11 Direct Download Links

Let’s manually download the 2023 January Cumulative Update for Windows 11 (KB5022287 & KB5022303) from the Microsoft Update Catalog website. The following tables provide the direct links to download the January 2023 Cumulative Updates for Windows 11.

You can check the Microsoft Update Catalog portal to get the Windows 11 LCUs direct download links to the hotfixes for January 2023 LCU. Check this out Microsoft Update Catalog

TitleProductsSizeDirect Download
2023-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5022287)Windows 11, version 21H2315.1 MBDownload
2023-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5022303)Windows 11, version 22H2272.9 MBDownload
Table 2 – Windows 11 KB5022287 KB5022303 January 2023 Patch Tuesday


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