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Powershell is very powerful these days. SCCM, O365, HyperV and SysCtr administrative tasks can complete very easily using PowerShell CMDlets. The Veeam team has created a 3 part video series with almost 4 hours of video to help get you going with learning PowerShell.

PowerShell is a command line shell and scripting language for Microsoft Windows that allows users to control system administration in most of the Microsoft products like SCCM, SCOM, Hyper-V, Windows etc…PowerShell consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on the .NET Framework.

Download Presentation Slides, Scripts used in the Videos and Some Cheat codes HERE 

Following are the 3 training videos shared by Veeam. Apart from Powershell Training Videos ,Veeam has shared power point slides, Scripts from the webinar and Cheat Sheet.

  1. Kickstart your PowerShell experience
  2. Getting stuff done with PowerShell
  3. Automate your Veeam Experience

Kickstart your PowerShell experience

The first episode we will focus on taking your first steps into the PowerShell world:

  • Understanding CMDlets
  • Storing Values
  • Looping
  • The Pipeline

Getting stuff done with PowerShell

The 2nd episode we will focus on some simple scripts and useful available options unique to PowerShell:

  • Reporting
  • Job Scheduler
  • Creating your Own Scripts
  • Remote Execution

Automate your Veeam Experience

The last episode we will focus on Veeam integration with PowerShell:

  • Custom Reporting
  • Creating Jobs
  • Mass Job Updates
  • Custom Scheduling

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