AI-Powered Security from Microsoft

Microsoft offers AI-powered security solutions to help protect against cyber threats and attacks. Nowadays, Cyber attacks are a big problem in our digital world. They cost the world a lot of money – 6 trillion dollars every year! This number will go up to 10 trillion by 2025.

As technology becomes even more common, we must be extra careful and do our best to protect ourselves online. This means being careful with our digital stuff, like passwords and personal information, and ensuring we know how to stay safe online.

Microsoft offers a range of security products to keep digital environments safe. These include Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Entra, Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Priva, and Microsoft Intune. These tools work together to protect against cyber threats and ensure data privacy.

Let’s take the next big step into the new world of cyber operations. We are using brilliant computer programs (AI) along with specially designed security systems, information about threats, and expertise to make things easier, help us understand better, and respond faster to keep things safe from cyber attacks.

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AI-Powered Security from Microsoft
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft Fig.1.0

What is the Significance of AI-powered Security Solutions Offered by Microsoft

Microsoft’s AI-powered security solutions are designed to safeguard against cyber threats and attacks. They use advanced computer programs (AI) to provide an extra layer of protection in the digital world.

AI-Powered Security from Microsoft

Microsoft security Copilot is not only an OpenAI large language model working with your security technology. It is a unique tool that combines the latest technology with Microsoft’s deep knowledge about keeping things safe. It uses its expertise and unique technology to create custom solutions for different security needs. It’s like having an extra smart helper to keep things secure.

Microsoft Security Products
Microsoft Defender
Microsoft Sentinel
Microsoft Entra
Microsoft Purview
Microsoft Priva
Microsoft Intune
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft – Table 1
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft - Fig.1 - Creds to MS
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft – Fig.1 – Creds to MS

Microsoft Intune Microsoft Security Product

Security Copilot works closely with Intune, It can provide specific information about devices when you ask certain questions. It’s like having a guide to help you when something doesn’t seem quite right in your digital world.

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AI-Powered Security from Microsoft - Fig.2
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft – Fig.2

Intune and Security Copilot First Look

In this video, you will get a quick review of Intune and Security Copilot First Look. They work together to help keep things secure. The video also has information about early access to the Security Copilot with the Microsoft Intune program.

AI-Powered Security from Microsoft – Video 1

Microsoft Entra Microsoft Security Product

Microsoft Entra is one of the Microsoft security products. It safeguards connections between people, apps, resources, and devices with multicloud identity and network access products.

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AI-Powered Security from Microsoft - Fig.3
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft – Fig.3

Microsoft Defender AI-Powered Security Product

Microsoft Defender offers comprehensive threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities for everyone. MS Defender Prevent, detect, and respond to attacks across devices, identities, apps, email, data, workloads, and clouds.

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AI-Powered Security from Microsoft - Fig.4
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft – Fig.4

Microsoft Sentinel AI-Powered Security Product

Microsoft Sentinel is a powerful security tool that provides intelligent analytics and threat intelligence for businesses. It offers a comprehensive solution for detecting attacks, seeing threats, actively searching for potential risks, and responding to them.

This helps businesses manage the challenges of complex attacks, a high number of alerts, and lengthy resolution times. In short, it gives a clear overview of security across the organization, making security management more efficient.

AI-Powered Security from Microsoft - Fig.5
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft – Fig.5

Microsoft Purview Microsoft Security Product

Microsoft Purview is a powerful tool designed to ensure the safety of your data. It provides the capability to track and manage data across various platforms, applications, and cloud services. With features like information protection, data governance, risk management, and compliance solutions, Purview offers comprehensive data security.

AI-Powered Security from Microsoft - Fig.5 - Creds to MS
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft – Fig.5 – Creds to MS

Microsoft Priva Microsoft Security Product

Microsoft Priva is one of the Microsoft Security Products. Microsoft Priva helps you Safeguard your data and build a privacy-resilient workplace. It Protects personal data, automates risk mitigation, and manages subject rights requests at scale.

AI-Powered Security from Microsoft - Fig.6 - Creds to MS
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft – Fig.6 – Creds to MS

Automatic Sensitivity Label Inheritance with Copilot Protection

When utilizing Copilot to generate new content based on an existing item with a sensitivity label, the label and its protection settings are automatically inherited. For instance, if a user creates a document with Copilot in Word or generates a presentation from a file in PowerPoint, the new content will adopt the sensitivity label and associated protections from the source file.

AI-Powered Security from Microsoft - Fig.6 - Adrian Freudenberger
AI-Powered Security from Microsoft – Fig.6 – Adrian Freudenberger

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