Change Azure MFA Authentication Phone Number from MyApps Portal

In this post, I will go through how Azure AD normal user can change their Azure AD authentication phone number from the MyApps portal.

Learn to change Azure MFA Authentication Phone Number from the end user’s Windows 10 device. Related PostHow to Reset the MFA Contact Details of Azure AD User from Azure Portal.

What is Azure MFA?

MFA is Multi-Factor Authentication to increase security. When you sign in with your password, you must also respond from a registered device (Authentication Phone).

The Azure MFA with authentication phone makes it harder for a hacker to sign in with just a stolen password.

Patch My PC

How to set up multi-factor authentication to secure your application and logins. I would recommend reading Microsoft documentation to setup Azure MFA.

Self Service or Help Desk

There are two (2) options to change the user’s Azure MFA authentication phone number. A first option is a self-service option which will help users to change their authentication phone number by themselves. This post will get more details about the self-service (user empowered) method.

The second option to change the MFA authentication phone number is via the helpdesk. IT helpdesk, which has access to the Azure AD console, can reset or change the MFA authentication phone details from the Azure portal. I explained the helpdesk process in one of my previous posts.

How to Change Azure MFA Authentication Phone

The end-user can follow the steps mentioned below to reset or change the Azure MFA Authentication Phone.


Login to the MyApps portal ( with Azure AD User name and password. You might have SSO (Single Sign-On) enabled in your organization. If so. The user will get automatically logged in MyApps portal.

  • Click on the Profile picture on the right-hand top corner of the portal.
  • The following link may get changed. So if the link is not working, try to use the My apps portal. (

Click on Profile options from the menu option, as you can see in the below screenshot. The following link may get changed. So if the link is not working, try to use the My apps portal.

  • From the Additional security verification page, select what your preferred option is? You will use this verification option by default. Set up one or more of these authentication options:-
    • Call my authentication phone
    • Text code to my authentication phone
    • Call my office phone
    • Notify me through the app
    • Use the verification code from the app or take
  • You can change the Authentication phone number from the “how would you like to respond?” section.
  • You can also use a backup or alternate authentication phone from the same page.

You can also use Microsoft Azure Authenticator app from Google Play or Apple store as an Azure MFA Authentication Phone. This Microsoft Authenticator App is my favorite method of using Azure MFA Authentication Phone.

The “How would you like to respond?” section from the page will give you an option to delete Microsoft Authenticator app from your iPhone or Android phone.

  • Click on the Save button to complete the Azure MFA Authentication Phone number change.

Once you click on the Save button, you will receive a security code on your new Azure MFA Authentication phone. Enter that MFA code on the screen to complete the Azure MFA Authentication Phone change.

  • Your phone numbers will only be used for account security. Standard telephone and SMS charges will apply. Hence we completed the change to Azure MFA Authentication Phone.
  • You can directly change the Azure MFA Authentication Phone number from



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  1. Hello Anoop,
    I want to integrate Azure MFA in my website, Is it possible to integrate in custom apps?

    Currently OS of server is Linux (Ubuntu) from AWS EC2, my client wants to integrate Azure MFA on his website (built in PHP),
    I checked its docs and tutorials but didn’t found any SDK or REST API,

    I checked and integrate this Node JS code
    It worked fine, but:

    – It will need to add an user in Active Directory first (Can I authenticate users directly, without registering on Azure, also currently I have more than 3000 existing users and don’t want to give them access of Azure Portal),
    – User completely redirected on Microsoft site during authentication process (Is there any way without redirecting),

    Please help me regarding this,

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