Cloud PC Provisioned with Warning Status

Let’s discuss Cloud PC provisioned with warning topic today. Well, I’m going to cover one of the scenarios here in this post. I assume this scenario will not be widespread (let’s call it a silly issue) in the enterprise world. This can happen with some of your LAB environments.

It’s not uncommon to get a status message similar to Cloud PC provisioned with warning. There could be several reasons for the warning and error status messages as part of Cloud PC provisioning. Microsoft has documented many scenarios and fixes for each of these errors and warnings.

I have already explained the end-to-end Cloud PC provisioning process and end-user experience in the previous blog posts. If you are not familiar with the Cloud PC provisioning process, I recommend reading those posts.

What are the Different Cloud PC Provisioning Status Messages

Let’s have a quick look at the different status messages available during the provisioning stage of Cloud PCs. There are six(6) different status messages available. I have not seen all of these status messages myself.

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Cloud PC Provisioned with Warning Status
Cloud PC Provisioned with Warning Status – Windows 365

Let’s see the meaning of each Status Messages in terms of Cloud PC provisioning.

  1. Failed Provisioning – This status indicates that Cloud PC provisioning is failed because of some reason. Ideally the color assigned to this status message should be RED.
  2. In Grace Period – This status indicates that the Cloud PC license is removed or the provisioning policy is unassigned.
  3. Provisioned – This status means the Cloud PC is successfully provisioned.
  4. Provisioned with Warning – This status message means the Cloud PC is provisioning but there are some warnings. One of the warning example is explained in the below section.
  5. Provisioning – This status means the cloud PC is being provisioned.
  6. Not Provisioned – This status means the provioning process is not started yet.

Cloud PC Provisioned with Warning Status

I have recently seen a status message similar to provisioned with warning status. Status – Provisioned with warning. Details – The following configurations did not apply successfully.

  • Local administrator permissions: Administrator permissions on the Cloud PC, as defined by a User Settings policy, couldn’t be granted for the user.

NOTE! – I get this warning because I’ve deployed Cloud PC Using the User Settings Policy.

Cloud PC Provisioned with Warning Status
Cloud PC Provisioned with Warning Status – Windows 365


It’s a silly issue because I should not have tried this scenario at all. I was using a cloud-only user account to provision Cloud PC, which is not supported at all (for Windows 365 enterprise use case). You won’t be able to add a cloud-only user to local administrators of a domain-joined Cloud PC.


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