ConfigMgr 2012 How to Find Out DDRs Processing Rate

If you’re working with SCCM for years, you must be familiar with backlog issues? More details about CM 12 backlog troubleshooting here. Most of the time I’ve seen backlog because of DDR files in Auth/

DDRs are created by discovery methods. Several times, we would like to know how many DDRs are getting processed per minute? How to calculate this? Administrative Tools – Performance Monitor is your best friend to calculate the processing speed of DDRs. I’m not going to explain about DDR backlog troubleshooting in this post.

When you’ve CAS in ConfigMgr hierarchy then all the DDRs (DDRs for newly discovered resources that are not in the database) generated at primary sites are processed by CAS. Unavailability of CAS server can make big impact in the environments. More Details via Technet article here.

More Details about the SMS DDM counters :-

Total DDRs en-queued :  Provides the number of DDRs waiting to get processed. When you’ve any backlog of DDRs in SCCM 2012 CAS, you would be able to see loads of numbers against this counter.

Non-User DDRs processed/minute : This will give you the estimate number of Non User DDRs processed per minute.

User DDRs Processed/minute : Total User DDRs processed per Minute.

This method is to find out the Data Discovery Manager Real-time performance. More details performance can be analysed via Data Collector SetsUser DefinedCreate new data collector Set.

1. Launch  Administrative Tools – Performance Monitor. Press Green “+” button to add SMS Discovery Data Manager counters.


2.  Add all the counters under SMS Discovery Data Manager.

Following are the counters which will help us to calculate DDR processing rate: –

Non-User DDRs processed/minute

Total Bad Non-User DDRs Processed

Total Bad User DDRs Processed

Total Client Registration Requests Processed

Total Non-User DDRs Enqueued

Total Non-User DDRs Processed

Total User DDRs Enqueued

Total User DDRs processed

User DDRs Processed/minute





3. Change the settings to Report as shown in the screen capture below.



4.  Result shown in the report below.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture DDRs processed per Minute in lab environment as I’ve very little number of systems and discovery methods running.

Total User DDRs processed = 42  is the total number of User DDRs already processed by CAS. 

Total Non-User DDRs Processed = 2 is the total number of Non User DDRs already processed by CAS.




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