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ConfigMgr Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data | SCCM


In this post let’s see ConfigMgr How to Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data. There are two parts to this process of enabling the upload. Let’s see more details about this in the following sections.

Microsoft recently released ConfigMgr 2006 Production into the slow ring and this version Generally Available | SCCM https://www.anoopcnair.com/configmgr-2006-production-version-generally-available-sccm/

First, you need to enable data collection from client settings. And then you need to enable the upload option from the tenant attach configuration. You need SCCM 2006 version to enable this feature in your environment.

Tenant Attach Overview

I have explained about onboarding process of tenant attach in the following post “How to Build Sync between SCCM Intune Portal | Tenant Attach“.

NOTE! – As you can see in the below screen capture, the upload of endpoint analytics data is not enabled by default.

ConfigMgr How to Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data | SCCM


The prerequisite to enable the upload Endpoint Analytics Data is similar to ConfigMgr Tenant Attach.

  • Tenant attach should be enabled.
  • Full Admin access (infrastructure admin) to ConfigMgr infra is preferred.
  • Global Administrator Access on Azure Active Directory tenant (These apps will be created automatically during the tenant attach onboarding process)
    • To Create a 3rd party application under App Registration
    • To Create a first-party service principal account
  • An Azure public cloud environment (not available for Govt and other Azure Cloud environments)
  • The user account triggering device actions from the Cloud console has the following prerequisites:
    • Azure AD Connect should be in place to sync on-prem AD users and groups to Azure AD (if you have Office 365, then you might already be using Azure AD connect).
  • Intune portal admin accessIntune Service Administrator role) should be there to complete this activity.
  • Windows 10 devices must be managed by ConfigMgr and Intune (co-managed).

Licensing Prerequisites

Endpoint analytics is included in the following plans:

Firewall/Proxy Settings

In a corporate environment, you always need to open some firewall ports and proxy bypass list updates. In this scenario to enable the upload Endpoint Analytics Data, you might need to white list the following URL (internet endpoints for tenant attach scenario).

Protocol & Port number used for the following endpoints are https (443).


Client-side devices should have access to the following links via proxy/firewall. More details about how the data is sent to the cloud etc… https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/analytics/enroll-configmgr#bkmk_endpoints

  • https://graph.windows.net
  • https://*.manage.microsoft.com

Client Settings – Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data

Endpoint analytics data collection enabled by default in the client settings. However, this doesn’t mean all these endpoint analytics data collected from will be automatically sent to the cloud!

You need to enable the specific setting from Tenant attach as we are going to discuss in the following section of the post.

  • Navigate to AdministrationClient Settings.
  • Default Client Settings – Computer AgentEnable Endpoint Analytics Data CollectionYes
ConfigMgr How to Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data | SCCM

Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data from SCCM Console

Let’s enable the upload the configuration of endpoint analytics data.

  • Navigate Administration > Overview > Cloud Services > Co-management.
  • Click on the properties of Co-management Management.
  • Click on the Configure Upload tab.
  • Click the Enable option called Enable Endpoint analytics for devices uploaded to Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
  • Click OK to complete.
ConfigMgr How to Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data | SCCM

Intune Onboarding

Onboarding from the Endpoint analytics portal is required for both Configuration Manager 2006 or later and Intune managed devices.

  1. Go to https://aka.ms/endpointanalytics
  2. Login with the admin accessIntune Service Administrator role) account. More details about access requirements https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/analytics/enroll-configmgr#endpoint-analytics-permissions
  3. Click Start. This will automatically assign a configuration profile to collect boot performance data from all eligible devices.
ConfigMgr How to Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data | SCCM


Connections are successfully created as you can see in the below screen capture from Endpoint Manager web portal. I have not covered the Intune part in this post. However, you can check Joy’s post to know more about Intune side configurations.

Let’s see the overview of Endpoint Analytics:

Upload Endpoint Analytics Data
  • Intune data collection policy (More details here)
  • Configuration Manager data connector (More details here)
ConfigMgr How to Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data | SCCM

Endpoint analytics (Preview) | Recommended software – Waiting for startup performance data…I can still see recommended software details from Endpoint analytics.

ConfigMgr How to Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data | SCCM

NOTE! – It can take up to 24 hours after a device restarts to see its data. If you’re trying to view your tenant’s on-premises data, you need to set up a Configuration Manager device data connection first.




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