ConfigMgr SCCM 2012 SP1 Cloud DP More Details

Are you looking for more details about cloud based DPs? The cloud based DPs are introduced in CM2012 SP1. You may get some details from Kerim Hanif ‘s post here.  So, what are the points he covered in the post?

ConfigMgr SCCM 2012 SP1 Cloud DP More Details 1

1. Advantages of Using Cloud-Based Distribution Points.

Hardware/software updates and reliability:Cloud-Based DPs are hosted in Windows Azure and Windows Azure promises 99.9 % uptime guarantee. You don’t need to manage hardware and Software update of the server.

– Performance and Size: Again Windows Azure promises to provide better performance and it also gives option for purchasing extra small size as per your requirements.

– Access from all around the world: You can select the Microsoft DCs in required geographical locations  so that the content will be easily accessible to the clients.

– Security: Again, this promises HTTPS communication and Encryption with unique key to your organization.

2. Cost involved in Cloud-Based Distribution Points.

– Web and Worker Role Instances : Basically, it depends upon which plan you select. For example Extra Small (XS). Once you select a plan there will be a CONSTANT Cost.

– Storage (Geo Redundant): The charge will be as per the size of the content that you use. This will be a variable cost as per your monthly usage.

Bandwidth: The charges will be based on the download of the content. How many clients are download the content etc..This is also a Variable Cost.

3. Limitations of Cloud-Based Distribution Points.

– We can’t enable OSD or PXE point on Cloud Based DPs.

No, there is no support for Task Sequence (both Application and OSD deployments) in Cloud Based DPs.

No, APP-V Streaming won’t work.

Cloud Dps can’t act as source for Pull DPs.

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