SCCM How to Get a Troubleshooting Report for Patching Software Update Related Scan Errors


MOF file for a Useful report shared by Saud Al-Mishari on “The Manageability Guys” blog.

Original Post – Link

MOF file can be downloaded from the following – Link.


We have a built-in report (“Report Category” Software Updates – E. Troubleshooting –> “Report Name” Troubleshooting 1 – Scan errors) in Configuration Manager that provides this information, but again you get hex error codes (which are better than 32-bit decimal integers, but only a little). So what I did was take the report and add a massive case statement with all the custom scan error messages.


  1. Good report, but how do I know which machines are affected by each count? Can we link this to another report that will allow us to dig deeper?


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