ConfigMgr SCCM Package Migration During Side by Side Upgrade

ConfigMgr SCCM Package Migration During Side by Side Upgrade. I want to share an interesting question targeted to me and possible answers for that. How to perform package migration? (Scenario – Side By Side Upgrade from SMS to SCCM).

Initially, I planned to use the third-party tool (1E Migration Tool), which I never tried. Then the question came across was, how can we achieve this without any third-party tools? Few options which I thought of (I won’t go into details of every step).

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ConfigMgr SCCM Package Migration During Side by Side Upgrade

Option A ConfigMgr SCCM Package Migration During Side by Side Upgrade

1. Build a new SMS server and attach it to the current central server.
2. Packages and collections will get replicated automatically.
3. Detach the server from the existing hierarchy.
4. Upgrade the server to SCCM.

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Option B ConfigMgr SCCM Package Migration During Side by Side Upgrade

There is a tool from Microsoft called “CopySCCMObj” which you can get from your Microsoft TAM. It will help you migrate not only Packages but also Collections and Advertisements.

Option C (Kim’s solution Data is not updated since 2008)

1. Install SMS 2003 SP2 on the new server.
2. Attach new SMS 2003 SP2 site as a child site.
3. Let objects replicate.
4. Break the Parent-Child relationship.
5. Upgrade new Site to Configmgr 2007.
6. Install KB945898.
7. Migrate clients to the new site.
8. Remove boundaries from the original site.
9. Add boundaries to the new site.
10. Decommission the original site.
11. Migrate non-replicating objects (queries/reports).

Option D ConfigMgr SCCM Package Migration During Side by Side Upgrade

1. Take the backup of the SMS central server.
2. Restore that in the LAB environment.
3. Upgrade it to SCCM.
4. Build another SCCM server with the site code and name (which you plan for the new SCCM hierarchy) and attach it to the central server.
5. All the packages and collections will get replicated.
6. Take the backup of the later SCCM server and restore it in the production environment.



6 thoughts on “ConfigMgr SCCM Package Migration During Side by Side Upgrade”

  1. Hi Anup,

    I have a situation i need to upgrade SMS 2003 to SCCM 2007. I never performed previously.
    Our client want to Upgrade their SMS to SCCM without removing SMS.
    SMS 2003 is running fine and managing their clients.
    SCCM 2007 is installed and schema is upgraded.

    Here is my question what is the best plan ?

    Here is my plan, please verify and please suggest.

    SMS 2003 Work ground.
    1. Stop SMS 2003 Active Directory System Discovery (Why this important because of Overlapping if we run Overlapping tool scripts its says Overlapping True)
    2. SMS 2003 still manage sites desktops
    3. We can check with push some small applications on Site system clients.

    SCCM 2007 Workaround.
    1. Add IP ranges on Site Boundaries **
    2. Go to Client Installation Methods Client Push Installation  Do not enable Client Push Installation …….(Its stop automatic Client installation or Up-gradation with un-manage way)
    3. Start System Discovery with  Discovery Methods Active Directory System Discovery Enable Active Directory System Discovery
    4. Optional  here we can check OVERLAPPING with scripts or tools.
    5. Navigate to Computer Management Collections  All System right click and update collection Membership
    6. Refresh on right hand side Console twice  here we can see all systems within the boundaries and specific criteria based collections
    7. We can check also on client side machines are not upgraded with un-managed way.
    8. We can push client on machine in one machine/ one collection.

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. Thanks for Reply Anup

    Yes ..we are going to update SMS clients to SCCM Client and future SMS will be down permanently.

    What is the basic diff between side by side and inplace ?

    Thanks i am waiting for your reply..

  3. Please forget about QST… What is the basic diff between side by side and inplace ?

    Just want to know, if we want to upgrade their SMS client to SCCM client how to do that ?

    Please verify also my PLAN.


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