Configuration Manager 2001 Technical Preview Version

Microsoft released the latest technical preview version 2001 of Configuration Manager. Most of the features released in this version shall be part of the production version MEMCM 2001.

NOTE! If you have not installed the ConfigMgr preview version in the lab, I recommend installing the Baseline version Configuration Manager version 1911.

  • MECM 2001 Version Numbers: (More Details about SCCM version details)
    • Site Version – 5.00.8938.1000
    • Client Version – 5.00.8938.1000
    • Console – 5.2002.1026.1000


Microsoft is getting ready for the next version of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (MECM – A.K.A. MEMCM) release.

Most of the following features of the next two technical preview versions will be part of the 2002 product version of MEMCM.

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SCCM MEMCM 2001 Technical Preview
SCCM MEMCM 2001 Technical Preview

More details of the MECM 2001 technical preview version

Task Sequence Check Readiness

Task Sequence Check Readiness with Windows 10 upgrade. Configuration Manager 2001 Task Sequence has out-of-box checks to confirm the existing device configuration before Windows 10 upgrade.

  • The architecture of current O.S.: 32 Vs. 64
  • Minimum O.S. version: for example, 10.0.16299
  • Maximum O.S. version: for example, 10.0.18356
  • Minimum client version: for example, 5.00.08913.1005
  • Language of current O.S.: select the language name. The step compares the associated language code. This check compares the language you choose to the language property of the Win32_OperatingSystem class on the client.
  • A.C. power plugged in
  • Network adapter connected
    • The network adapter is not wireless
Configuration Manager 2001 Technical Preview Version 1

Task Sequence Progress Bar

2001 version of Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (MECM) progress bar improvements on task sequence status bar.

TS Progress Bar
T.S. Progress Bar – Picture Credits to Microsoft Docs

Improvements to Orchestration Groups

Orchestration groups are an evolution of server groups, and the 2001 version of configuration manager comes with the following improvements.


My previous post about the “SCCM Orchestration Group Setup Step by Step Guide for Server Patching.”

  • We can now specify custom timeout values for The Orchestration Group and Group members.
  • You now have a drop-down list to select the site code when selecting group members.
  • When selecting resources for the group, only valid clients are shown.
  • You can set the value for the Number of machines, Script timeout in the PreScript and PostScript pages.
Orchestration Groups 2001
ConfigMgr Orchestration Groups 2001

Improvements to administration service

Automatically use Configuration Manager-generated certificates for the administration service REST API unless there’s already a certificate bound to port 443.

Improvements to check readiness task sequence step

An administrator is now able to specify additional readiness verification in the check readiness task sequence step: New checks added include the architecture of the current O.S., minimum and maximum O.S. versions, the minimum client version, the language of the current O.S., whether A.C. power is plugged in and the network adapter state.

Microsoft Edge Management dashboard

The Microsoft Edge Management dashboard provides insights on the usage of Microsoft Edge and other browsers. This dashboard shows how many of your devices have Microsoft Edge installed and how many devices have different versions of Microsoft Edge installed. You have a view of the installed browsers across devices.

OneTrace Log groups

OneTrace now supports customizable log groups. Log groups allow you to open all log files associated with a single feature. You can customize these groupings using a template.

Onetrace MEMCM 2001 SCCM OneTrace Log Reader - Float Option
Onetrace MEMCM 2001

Power B.I. Report Server Integration

Configuration Manager now supports the integration of Power B.I. Report Server with Configuration Manager reporting.

You can now save Power B.I. Desktop report files and easily deploy them to the Power B.I. Report Server like SSRS RDL files. You can also launch the reports in the browser directly from the Configuration Manager console.

Wake up a device from the central administration site

You can now use the client notification action to wake up a device from the main administration site.


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