Difficult to Read and Store Log File Information Here is the Solution with SCOM

Most of the applications write loads of details  into log files and logs are very important when it comes to troubleshooting. Business critical applications write health and performance information to log files and this log files are often left unattended and simply archived. Is there any way to tap into the pool of information that is contained in the log files? Is it possible?. Yes, this is possible with NiCE Log File MP. The NiCE Log File MP is SCOM ad on, a powerful tool that analyzes log content in full detail using all. Nice Log File MP has great the log file analytic capabilities for your Windows Servers. LOB applications are load more critical and Log File MP provides us power full way for monitoring and parsing the log files.

Download the NiCE Log File MP from here !

Microsoft  Out-of-the-box capabilities vs. The NiCE Log File MP :-


 NiCE Log File MP supports Java log file? Applica on log files? Any type of logs in ASCII format are supported. This can be an extracted CSV fi le, text fi le or dump fi le. The wizards included with the Log File MP allow you to easily create an alert rule or a unit monitor for monitoring. Some of the other features and benefits of this add on are :-

  • Comes with a set of custom authoring wizards
  • Allows you to set an alert on missing log files
  • Allows you to define log file names as absolute paths
  • The NiCE Log File MP interface is part of the Microsoft  Monitoring Agent
  • Includes a powerful program execute on interface to run scripts and programs
  • Set the log file directory using a regex pattern with no restrictions
  • Correlate your log lines
  • Customize behavior if log file does not exist

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