Easy Way to Measure Data Size Sent Between SCCM ConfigMgr Servers

Easy Way to Measure Data Size Sent Between SCCM ConfigMgr Servers? Are you trying to analyze the data sent between Sccm / ConfigMgr CAS and Primary servers (Central server and Primary server)? The easiest way I can see is via Performance Monitor.

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In this post, I’ll show you how to keep an eye on data sent between SCCM / ConfigMgr sites (2007 and 2012). Before proceeding, I would like to mention that this wouldn’t provide a very accurate result. However, you’ll come to know the trend and this will surely help in your troubleshooting.

Easy Way to Measure Data Size Sent Between SCCM ConfigMgr Servers

This post is also related to my other posts on performance monitoring. 1) Download ConfigMgr 2012 Performance Counter Template and 2) SCCM ConfigMgr 2007 / 2012 How to Find Out DDRs Processing Rate. To measure the data sent between SCCM sites from a central site (or CAS), we need to use a performance monitor counter called SMS Standard Sender.  

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This will help you to find out how much data is sent across the WAS from SCCM / ConfigMgr CAS to Primary servers. This is apart from SQL replication in case of SCCM 2012.

In the below scenario you can see that central server is transferring  ~1.3 GB  of data to child or primary servers.

1. Launch  Administrative ToolsPerformance Monitor. Press Green “+” button to add SMS Standard Sender counters.

SMS Standard Sender
SMS Standard Sender

2. Select all the counters available underneath SMS Standard Sender :

  • Average Bytes / Sec : Average Bytes per second that SCCM central server is sending to child servers.
  • Current Bytes Being Sent : Currenlty in process
  • Sending Thread Count : How many SCCM threads are being used for sending.
  • Total Bytes Attempted
  • Total Bytes Failed
  • Total Bytes Sent

3. Change the settings to Report as shown in the screen capture below.

Performance Counter
Performance Counter

4. Result shown in the report below.

All the measurements are in bytes. For example :-


Total Bytes Sent from my CAS (Central SCCM / ConfigMgr server to Primary or Child servers) = 1409968961 bytes 

1048576 Bytes = 1 MB (mega Bytes)

1409968961 Bytes = 1409968961 / 1048576 ==> ~1344.65 MB ==> 1.3 GB

So the data sent out from my CAS (Central SCCM site to Child site) is around 1.3 GB. Wow, so much of data right? Don’t show these details to network team, they will get worried 🙂

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