Download ConfigMgr 2012 Performance Counter Template

Download Perf Mon Template
Performance Monitor

Templates are always helpful 🙂 This post is continuation of the previous post How to Find Out DDRs Processing Rate. When you want to perform deep level analysis on the performance of SCCM server then you need to include more performance counters and run the capture for at least an hour. I’ve created a template and uploaded to technet  gallery.  You can download the template from here.

In this template, I’ve selected following counters as I’ve DDR backlog issues. When you want to analyse the performance of the some other SCCM ConfigMgr or SQL components you can add and remove from Data Collector file. I’ve explained this as 6th point below.

Memory, Network Interface, Paging File, Physical Disk, Process, Processor, SMS Discovery Data Loader, SQLServer:Databases, SQLServer:General, Statistics, SQLServer:Locks, SQLServer:Memory Manager and System.

1. Launch  Administrative ToolsPerformance Monitor.

Navigate through Data Collector Sets – User Defined – New – Data Collector Set. As shown in the following picture.

DATA Collector Set1

2.  Create New Data Collector Set

Enter the name of the capture you want to perform. Select the option “Create from a template (Recommended)” option and click on Next. Download the template from above mentioned link.

Create DATA Collector Set



3.  Which Template would you like to use.

Click on Browse button and select the already downloaded template. Then Next :

Browse DATA Collector Set


4. Where would you like the data to be saved

Browse and select the patch where you want to save performance capture file. The file’s extension is .blg

Default location for my scenario was %systemdrive%\PerfLogs\Admin\SCCM 2012 Performance Counter.

Make sure there is enough space on that drive to store the capture file.

5. Save and Close is the default option.

Always verify the performance counters selected in the template and check whether each counter is required in your scenario or not. In my case, I wanted to create performance counter for DDR process issues.

6. When you wanted to analyse the performance of Inventory instead of DDR :

Open the properties of .blg file as shown in the picture below and remove SMS Discovery Data Manager and add SMS Inventory Data Loader.

Edit Performance Counter


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