What are the Exciting Stories Revealed in Windows 10 Event

Yesterday was really an exciting night for the technology lovers in India and around the world! Microsoft unfolded loads of consumer (mostly) related features and innovative technology pieces in the event “Next Chapter of Windows“. Loads of exciting news are there and “the most” important one for me is Windows 10 is free (more details below) !! In my opinion, there was nothing much for the enterprises (big touch TV – Surface HUB) in this event. I was expecting some, but probably there could are sure more on the way (some are nicely hidden) !Three pillars highlighted by Satya in his yesterday’s speech is Windows as a service, Mobility and Cross platform Services !


Is Windows 10 Free?
What is Microsoft HoloLens?
Road-map for Windows 10 on Mobile devices !
What is Surface Hub? Big touch TV for Enterprises !
Experience Xbox Apps on Windows 10 !
Cortana is coming to Desktops !
Spartan the new browser ! Bye Bye to IE (Internet Explorer)

Is Windows 10 Free?

Windows 10 will be available free for 1 year to users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (I think, more catches there 🙂 ). There won’t be any end of support life for Windows 10, End Of Support is more linked towards end of “device” life 😉 So think about it !

Windows 10

What is HoloLens?


It an era of holographic computing. When you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see. I felt that it’s not worth comparing Google glasses with Hololens!! Microsoft Hololens are untouchable technology at the moment. Not affordable for consumers !! This is for enterprise customers !!


Windows 10 Mobile devices

Windows 10

The next version of Windows 10 preview build is about to release next week. I’m so excited to try Windows 10 on my Windows Phone, as mentioned in the precious post, YES, the First Build of Windows 10 on mobile devices will be available in February 2015 ! So few days to go !

What is Surface Hub?

Surface Hub

Microsoft announced the Surface Hub. So what is Surface HUB by the way ? It’s huge Touch Screen TV? It is an 84-inch 4K screen meant for the workplace. It has cameras, speakers, mics, Bluetooth, NFC, and a touchscreen interface meant for a stylus.

Microsoft Surface Hub – Unlock the power of the group

Xbox on Windows 10

IMG_20150122_080106I’m not a game freak, but there are some exciting news for “gamer friends”! The Xbox experience is coming to Windows 10. Together, they’ll take your gaming further with the worlds greatest multiplayer community, the best of Xbox Live and more !!

Cortana on Desktop

Cortana available on desktops as well. A digital personal assistance ! Windows 10 will be coming with in build cortana !


 Spartan the new browser

Bye Bye to IE (Internet Explorer). New Browser for new era of computing and new era of browsing. Project Spartan is coming with online editing and commenting options (I hope, it’s more than screen capture). Cortana will be in build component of Spartan browser.

Spartan1 Spartan

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