Microsoft MVP Summit 2018 ROI

Let us learn about Microsoft MVP Summit 2018 ROI. Microsoft MVP Summit is a technical conference exclusively for “current” Microsoft MVPs. Microsoft invites all the Microsoft MVPs to attend this global event. Microsoft MVP summit 2018 is my 3rd MVP summit.

This conference is hosted in Redmond (Microsoft campus) and Seattle. One section of this post covers Microsoft MVP Summit Return On Investment (ROI) so keep reading! We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the MVP award program grandly at MVP Summit 2018.

If you are Microsoft MVP and never made it to the Microsoft MVP summit, then, trust me, you are missing the most glamorous (#1) benefit of being a Microsoft MVP. Make sure; you attend the event Microsoft MVP Summit 2019!

I kare loads of planning and arrange more ent required to make this happen. But your investment of money and time is entirely worth attending the MVP summit.

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What is Microsoft MVP?

Microsoft MVP is NOT a certification program. Microsoft MVP is the award provided by Microsoft to acknowledge the contribution to the technical community. There are no monitory benefits associated with this award.

Microsoft MVPs are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. The Microsoft MVP awardees actively share their technical expertise with the different technology communities related directly or indirectly to Microsoft.

Read more details about Microsoft MVP.

Microsoft MVP = Award for Technology Community Contribution


MVP IS NOT a Certification

What is Microsoft MVP Summit?

Microsoft MVP Summit is a yearly educational and networking event conducted by Microsoft. Microsoft MVP summit is the most significant conference for the Microsoft MVP community. This event helps each Microsoft MVP interact with the Microsoft product group and provide feedback about their products.

Microsoft MVP Summit is the event that allows you to interact with other MVP colleagues around the world. Microsoft is a perfect host with loads of social networking events and in-depth technical content (MVP NDA is between Microsoft and you as an MVP only).

MVP Summit = Educational & Networking Event exclusively for Microsoft MVPs

Return On Investment (ROI) – Microsoft MVP summit

During the MVP summit, the technical learning you get from product groups and other MVPs colleagues is unimaginable. In my experience, it’s more than a hundred (100) hours of reading technical documentation and video tutorials.

Don’t get me wrong, and there is not only technical learning with the MVP summit. Instead, this event gives you an opportunity to improve your writing, reading, interpersonal, networking, and marketing skills.

I can talk from SCCM/Intune MVP perspective, and I don’t know much about how other MVPs feel about the ROI. I assume it will be the same for all MVPs.

Microsoft MVP Summit ROI = 100%

SCCM – Intune MVP – The Experience

We have many individuals in the SCCM and Intune MVP group. When you combine all the experience of MVPs in that group, then it covers unmatchable corporate device management experience. I’m privileged, honored, and humbled to be part of this excellent group.

Kudos to Microsoft Program Manager Cathy Moya, Djam, and an entire product group for providing an excellent experience and learning with all technical and non-technical sessions.

SCCM hackathon projects are special for SCCM and Intune MVP group. This helped me understand the product development life cycle and gain a deep level of technical knowledge about each product component.

SCCM Intune MVP = Awesomeness

 India MVP – The Experience

It’s a long journey for India MVPs, and it took more than 18 hours for me to reach Seattle from Bangalore.  I’m proud and honored to be part of the India MVP group. Special thanks to Deepak Rajendran for organizing the unforgettable MVP Summit 2018. And special thanks to all the MVP colleagues.

Asia, India, and European MVPs have to go through jet lag issues. There are some interesting tips we can cover in some of the SCCM Facebook Live sessions hosted in the ConfigMgr FB group.

Avoid Jet Lag = Trick worked 100% 

Personal Experience

I had a great time meeting fellow MVPs and technology experts from Microsoft product groups. I have known Eswar very well since the last eight years but never met him in person. This MVP summit was allowed me to meet him and share a room with him 😉

My wish to Meet up with Mr.Social Media rock star Harjit got full filled. It was great to have some conversations with great SCCM/Intune MVPs like  Paul Winstanley and Maurice Daly for the first time. It was a pleasant surprise to meet (first time) Wayne McGlinn at this MVP summit.

In-Person Conversations = 100% Worth


Anoop is Microsoft MVP! He is a Solution Architect in enterprise client management with more than 20 years of experience (calculation done in 2021) in IT. He is Blogger, Speaker, and Local User Group HTMD Community leader. His main focus is on Device Management technologies like SCCM 2012, Current Branch, and Intune. He writes about ConfigMgr, Windows 11, Windows 10, Azure AD, Microsoft Intune, Windows 365, AVD, etc……………

2 thoughts on “Microsoft MVP Summit 2018 ROI”

  1. Thank you Anoop, it’s great to actually meet the man responsible for so many in depth and insightful blog posts on Config Manager. As I said at the MVP Summit, you’re a source of information that I point all my SCCM students to while teaching.
    For those wondering if attending the Summit is worthwhile, *this* type of interaction with your peers makes it so.
    See you next year mate 🙂


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