Feature Comparison Video Between SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1610 and 1702

What is the very basic improvement that I can see in SCCM CB 1702 production console is Feedback Balloons everywhere? Yeah, SCCM/ConfigMgr is the great product for device management, and there is no competition at all! Why? I would say this is because of the improvements the product team made and the GREAT SCCM/ConfigMgr community we have for this product. It’s all about the community contributions improving a software product. The SCCM product team is always open for new ideas and feedbacks, and this is one of the reason behind the greatness of SCCM as a product. Software developers can’t make any excellent product without great feedback from real-time users of the applications. So that is the importance of SCCM/ConfigMgr IT Pro community.

Checkout the Video Feature Comparison between SCCM CB 1610 and 1702 here

If you are yet to download and upgrade the latest version of SCCM CB then, here is my previous post which will help you to upgrade SCCM CB to latest version called Configuration Manager CB 1702. Another biggest change I can see the repositioning of “Updates and Servicing” node in the SCCM CB console. The “Updates and Servicing” node is the topmost node in Administration workspace of SCCM CB 1702 production version console. In console increased a lot in in SCCM CB 1702 console. SCCM CB 1702 onwards SUP (software Update points) are boundary aware similar to MPs and DPs. This is an excellent help towards SCCM architects to make better decision to have SUPs.

Feature Comparison Video Between SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1610 and 1702 2

The biggest and most awaited thing in SCCM CB hybrid is feature parity between Intune Stand alone version and SCCM CB hybrid version. SCCM product team did a great job to get the feature parity between Intune SA (StandAlone) and SCCM CB hybrid version. I have explained this in the above comparison video. So, if we go over to Configuration Policy for iOS and MAC OS devices via MDM channel that is without using SCCM Client then, you can see HUGE improvements! Some of the changes in numbers are given below:-

Password - Passcode Modification
 Device - 9 settings in CB 1610 -- 33 settings in 1702
 Store - 3 settings in CB 1610 --6 settings in 1702
 Content Rating - 5 settings in CB 1610 -- 6 settings in CB 1702
 Cloud - 4 settings in CB 1610 -- 8 settings in CB 1702
 Security - 1 settings in CB 1610 -- 2 settings in CB 1702
 System Security - 5 settings in CB 1610 -- 12 settings in CB 1702
 Data Protection - 2 settings in CB 1610 -- 4  settings in CB 1702

Feature Comparison Video Between SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1610 and 1702 3There were 17 features included in the SCCM CB 1610 version and SCCM/ConfigMgr Product team added 4 more new features to the latest release of SCCM CB 1702! Those four new pre-release features added to SCCM CB 1702 is listed down. Only one feature which moved from pre-release to production release and that is Conditional Access for Managed PCS.

Pre-Release - Install Behaviour of applications
Pre-Release - Data Warehouse Service Point
Pre-Release - Task Sequence content Pre-Caching
Pre-Release -Device Guard

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Another excellent news for SCCM CB hybrid customers is that there are some great 5 new additions to Compliance policies! We can’t anymore select the different versions of Android and iOS platform while creating a compliance policy or configuration policy with SCCM CB 1702.  Granularity in choosing different Android/iOS version got removed. New compliance policies are:-

Apps that cannot installed
Password expiration
Remember password history
Password Quality
Minimum Android Patch Level

Feature Comparison Video Between SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1610 and 1702 5

In SCCM CB 1702, we have options to create configuration policy for Android for Work! There are only 2 policies or configuration settings available in Configuration policy for AfW (Android for Work). Apart from that, there are some improvements, or additional settings appeared in ConfigMgr/SCCM CB 1702 regarding Windows 10 related configuration policies in a hybrid environment. Following are the some of the high-level changes in Windows 10  Configuration Policies: –

Device - 10 settings in CB 1610 -- 11 settings in CB 1702
System Security - 9 settings in CB 1610 -- 10 settings in CB 1702
SCCM product team did an excellent work to catch up with Intune SA regarding Cloud Services integration with SCCM CB latest version. They have added support for “Android for Work” enrollments, Cloud Management Gateway has improved, OMS connector has some improvements.
Cloud Services
Android For Work
Cloud Management Gateway
Feature Comparison Video Between SCCM ConfigMgr CB 1610 and 1702 6
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What’s new in version 1702 of SCCM CB System Center Configuration Manager – here

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