Latest Features Included in Windows 10 New Build

Microsoft came up with loads of new features in the Windows 10 latest build (9926). You might already seen the “glimpses” of these features in the recent Microsoft event and in the post “What are the Exciting Stories Revealed in Windows 10 Event“. My laptop got upgraded to newest version of Windows 10 build in last week. The universal application experience is very exciting in the latest build of Windows 10. The important thing missing in the latest build is “Spartan the new browser” with built-in cortana. The Preview 9926 build has IE 11 for the browser, however it does have some bits of the new Spartan one coming later this year. Hopefully, Spartan will be available in the next version of Windows 10 build ! Also, the issue I’ve highlighted in the previous post is not resolved in Windows 10 9926 as well, we need to follow same painful “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media” way to remove your external hard disks safely !

Windows 10 V 9926 -14

  • New Xbox Application on Windows 10 Desktop
  • Cortana on Windows 10 Desktop
  • New Notifications settings Universal Application on Windows 10 Desktop
  • New Changes of Start Menu on Windows 10
  • Universal Settings Experience on All Windows 10 devices
  • New Maps application look and feel 
  • New File Explorer on Windows 10 Desktop
  • New Keyboard Layout changes on Windows 10 Desktop
  • New Xbox Music on Windows 10 Desktop
  • New Calender on Windows 10 Desktop

Cortana on Windows 10 Desktop

I’m very happy to see Cortana on Windows 10 desktops/laptop. However, Cortana is not able to pronounce my name. I’m sure Cortana will be my digital companion in the coming days for sure ! You will enjoy this !! You can find Cortana search button is right next to the start menu.

Windows 10 V 9926 -2

New Xbox Application on Windows 10 Desktop

With new build of Windows 10, Xbox application is pre-installed. You can install and play Xbox games on Windows 10 machines now. After many years, I played a game on Windows 10 laptop and the experience was awesome !

Windows 10 V 9926

More than that I came 1st in the Race Game !

Windows 10 V 9926 -7
Nice Changes of Start Menu on Windows 10

Nice new changes you can notice, tiles and start menu together. I felt like it’s better arrangement of new application tiles and old (but new) task menu on Windows 10 machine.

Windows 10 V 9926 -9

Recently added application will get automatically pinned to the top on Windows 10 machines. Also, I can see new change in newly installed application and task is also a universal application. When I say universal application that means you can get the same look and feel in all the devices (mobile and desktop) which runs on Windows 10.

Windows 10 V 9926 -10

New Notifications settings

New Notifications is an Universal settings, Microsoft is successful in creating same user experiences  on all Windows 10 devices including mobiles and machines.

Windows 10 V 9926 -11

New Keyboard Layout

Very nice to have new adjustable Virtual Keyboard Layout on Windows 10 devices ! I’m sure, Windows mobile phone users will like the adjustable keyboard. 

Windows 10 V 9926 -12

New Calender view

New Calender application is also universal application. You’ll get the same calender experience on Windows 10 devices. It’s super cool !!

Windows 10 V 9926 -15

New Xbox Music Application

Now Windows 10 machines will also have Xbox Music for all music lowers.

Windows 10 V 9926 -13

New Map Application

Maps is also an universal application, you can can get the same experience on all Windows 10 devices.

Windows 10 V 9926 -4

New File Explorer

New look and feel of Windows 10 File explorer. Individual file/folder selection option is also very interesting.

Windows 10 V 9926 -5

Windows 10 V 9926 -6

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