How to Create and Upload Apple Push Notification Service APNs Certificate Using SCCM CB

To Manage iOS and Mac OS devices via Intune and Hybrid SCCM CB, we need to have APNs cert. In this Video tutorial, we can see, how to get the certs from Apple and How to upload it to SCCM CB for a hybrid solution. How to Create Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) Certificate to Manage iOS and Mac OS X devices via Intune. You must have an apple id/user name and password to upload and download the certs for SCCM CB hybrid. More detailed Videos are coming up in my YouTube Channel Subscribe  here.
Following is the location and file where I saved the downloaded cert from SCCM CB  hybrid environment C:\Users\anoop\Documents\Apple Cert\Apple_Cert_4_How_2_Manage.csr
Go to following website !! Apple Website :-
At the end of this process, you would be able to manage iOS and Mac OS device via Microsoft Intune and or SCCM CB hybrid environment !!

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