How to Create SCCM Custom Reports

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How to Create Custom Report RDL file for SCCM ConfigMgr SSRS Reports. SQL Reporting service tutorials. Continue reading 

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At last, we’ve something from #2 (John Nelson) on creating custom reports in CM 2012 (SSRS). There is a series of  posts with loads of details.

#2 SSRS Reporting, Style Based Approach

How to Create SCCM Custom Reports 1

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Configuration Manager 2012 provides bunch of built-in reports using SQL Reporting Services. In order to have these reports within ConfigMgr console you need a configured SQL Reporting Service. More Details below….

How to : Edit built-in reports using Report Builder :: ConfigMgr / SCCM 2012

Another post for easy reference from TechNet Forum. 

All credits to Beamer25!!!

In ConfigMgr 2012 (specifically in THIS case), “FUNCTIONS” are used rather than “VIEWS” along with datasets within SSRS. For example, to find out the list of applications you may need to use the FUNCTION called “fn_ListLatestApplicationCIs” and “fn_ListDeploymentTypeCIs” to find Deployment Types.

Creating the custom report using Report Builder 3.0” is also very helpful while creating custom reports in CM2012.

Extracted from the TechNet Forum Thread (check for space issues while copying SQL queries from this post)

1.  How to report on a list of your applications:

Select Manufacturer, DisplayName, SoftwareVersion, CI_UniqueID, ModelID, SDMPackageVersion, DateCreated, LastModifiedBy from fn_ListLatestApplicationCIs(1033)

2.  How to report on your applications and their deployment types in 1 report (includes priority, etc):

SELECT app.Manufacturer, app.DisplayName, app.SoftwareVersion, dt.DisplayName AS DeploymentTypeName, dt.PriorityInLatestApp, dt.Technology
FROM dbo.fn_ListDeploymentTypeCIs(1033) AS dt INNER JOIN
dbo.fn_ListLatestApplicationCIs(1033) AS app ON dt.AppModelName = app.ModelName
WHERE (dt.IsLatest = 1)

3.  How to view the Content Source for each application:

SELECT    DISTINCT app.Manufacturer, app.DisplayName, app.SoftwareVersion, dt.DisplayName AS DeploymentTypeName, dt.PriorityInLatestApp, dt.Technology,
v_ContentInfo.ContentSource, v_ContentInfo.SourceSize
FROM         dbo.fn_ListDeploymentTypeCIs(1033) AS dt INNER JOIN
dbo.fn_ListLatestApplicationCIs(1033) AS app ON dt.AppModelName = app.ModelName LEFT OUTER JOIN
v_ContentInfo ON dt.ContentId = v_ContentInfo.Content_UniqueID
WHERE     (dt.IsLatest = 1)

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6 thoughts on “How to Create SCCM Custom Reports”

  1. I could use some assistance, I am having a hard time with a custom report, Here is what I am trying to get
    Server XYZ
    Application ABC Version 1.2
    Application DEF Version 2.3
    Application GHI Version 3.4
    I have SCCM 2012 reports point and SQL running on a separate server

  2. Hi Anoop,

    Need to create a Customreport in SCCM 2012 for the dependency of each application which is installed in the environment.

    Please can you help me in identifying the tables to get the data.


  3. Hello, Hope thie message finds you well.. I am using SCCM 2012. Do you have a Query to list all the application and their deployment type requiements. ie Device=OS=Windows7, 10, etc?

  4. Hi Anoop,
    Great work on your queries.
    Would you have a query similar that would list the command lines being used in the applications


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